प्रजा-आधीन राजा,राष्ट्र-प्रेमी प्रजा


My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

All of us seek Nation governed for the people, by the people (प्रजा-आधीन राजा,राष्ट्र-प्रेमी प्रजा).
Let us assume that we get such system, by hook or crook. System is in place. Do you think, it will go on forever? If yes, I think you are living in some lunatic plane.

Ethical conduct of citizens play vital role to nurture and preserve any ideal political system envisioned.

Ethical conduct needs to be induced in citizens. If this ethical conduct is induced out of fear of the law, it won’t last for long because of humans inherent tendency to protest again slavery.

For self-governed system to stay on for time immemorial, we also need to work hard to establish self-governed morality, rooted in love for Nation and understanding of swa-dharma. To establish self-governed morality, character-building of subjects remain unavoidable job. That is where parenting, educating, military-training will play important role.

My suggestion to all patriots is to work for strengthening of both legs together i.e. Desh and Deshi-bhakt. Let there be no gaffe in achieving this goal.

If you blabber about Praja aadhin Raja all time, let me give you example of eternal Praja aaddhin raja i.e. Raam. It took several thousand years and many generations of Raghu to change psyche of their subjects and at the culmination of all their activities, Raam Rajya (People friendly laws) was established.

So while I criticize current govt, I also consider it as my failure. My failure of not to reach out to maximum citizens.

Avatar or ideal Dhara emerges when critical mass desires it. Let us work hard for critical mass. No Kalki will emerge till then.

Some ways I follow:

1) Spread awareness based on my personal life experiments about changes we can bring in our life style and influence societal patterns. For example, if we start demanding organic food by befriending farmers, they will grow for us.

2) Do daily Homa for own mind purification.

3) Learn actionable changes from others and spread the same.

4) Bridge the modern way of living with the ancient Sanatana principles for slow and steady transformation

All medicines are not same. Some medicines solve ailment for short time. Problem resurface. So doctors always prescribe prevention mechanism along with medicines so that problem does not resurface.

मनुष्य is basic foundation of any movement(spiritual or political etc).

Only those movements will be able to do successfully मनुष्य उत्थान and अवतार मान्य परंपरा निर्माण whose मनुष्य trying to imbibe or at-least craving for below qualities(chart)!

Negation of चारित्र्य निर्माण is insult of मनुष्यत्व and without मनुष्य ,we are intentionally or un- intentionally creating ROBOT.

Is your movement creating मनुष्य or Robot? IF not, step back and try to find movements who is working on मनुष्य ..if you cant find, Be a one JUST LIKE OUR RISHI–THE UNIVERSITY of मनुष्य उत्थान WITHOUT TITLE.


Vedic Studies and Oral Education by Prof H B Dave



Vedic Studies and Oral Education by Prof H B Dave

Its been 14 years I passed out from Computer Engineering Department @ DDIT, Nadiad.

Feeling so left out as I could not utilize expertise of my HoD Prod H B Dave in the field of Vedic Studies. Had I came across this then, my journey would have been different!

My deepest gratitude for the towering figure in computer science for his love and research in Veda!!


Veda and Oral Tradition

1. Extreme importance is attached to the oral tradition as far as Vedas is concerned because of its contents and intended use. In order to benefit in any way from the text of Vedas (especially the first three), it is necessary that the mind of the reciter (and listener) should be in meditative state, what I shall call Alpha state for want of better word in English.

2. During such Alpha state EEG would exhibit high value of alpha
rhythm. Normal waking brain exhibits Beta rhythm.

3. This requires, at least in case of a beginner (Ma.navaka) that
his/her eyes should be closed. But then he/she can not read!

4. With eyes open, unless you are very advanced meditator, it is very difficult to achieve Alpha state.

5. The process of reading (which requires eyes open) and deciphering the written or printed text is a very complex operation which involves large parts of Cerebral Cortex. Compared to that the auditory inputs (either heard or self-spoken) require much less processing at Cerebral Cortex. If the Vedas are to be understood, the activity at Cerebral Cortex should be minimized.

6. Thus if you are studying the text of Vedas for purposes other then the one for which they were meant, you can go ahead and study from a written or printed book, but not if you are a beginner and /or want to derive the benefits as intended.



Debunking ‘Survival of the fittest’ delusion



I wrote this note in 2014. Read relevant research paper so sharing it.

This is little difficult to accept for those for whom Darwin is God and his ‘Survival of the fittest’ is eternal principle. Veda(s) don’t believe ‘Survival of the fittest’ type evolution. They rather prescribed, ‘Uplift the unfit to the higher fitness level of survival’.

What is your way of living? Vedic (Dharmic) or Darwinic?


There are more than 8 million species of living things on Earth, but none of them – from 100-foot blue whales to microscopic bacteria – has an advantage over the others in the universal struggle for existence.

अष्टादशपुराणां सारं व्यासेन कीर्तितम् ।
परोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनम् ॥

In eighteen lenthy episodes of puranas Vyasa (author of the epic Mahabharatha which has 18 episodes named puranas) has described one thing. Helping others is vitue – troubling others is sin.

Sheer presence[1] of microbial world in our Body proves one thing for sure that idea of ‘dog-eat-dog world of Darwinian competition’ is utter nonsense. Sadly, same survival of the fittest idea is so much ingrained in our psyche by modern education that we waste precious youth life in chasing false alarms and unnecessary competitions.

Life is about living for each other, helping each other. Darwinian illusion is catastrophic. Unlearn it..If we cannot unlearn, we are like those pathogens who make us feel sick selfish and self-centered.

[1] Your body is composed of an estimated 30 trillion human cells, but it is host to more than 100 trillion bacterial and fungal cells, the friendly microbes that coevolved with our species. Think about that: right now in your body bacterial cells substantially outnumber your own human cells.

Research News

What Species Is Most Fit for Life? All Have an Equal Chance, Scientists Say


There are more than 8 million species of living things on Earth, but none of them – from 100-foot blue whales to microscopic bacteria – has an advantage over the others in the universal struggle for existence.

“This means that each elephant or blue whale contributes no more energy per gram of parent to the next generation than a trout or even a bacterium,” said co-author Charles A.S. Hall, a systems ecologist with the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse, New York. “We found, rather astonishingly, by examining the production rate and the generation time of thousands of plants, animals and microbes that each would pass on, on average, the same amount of energy to the next generation per gram of parent, regardless of size. A single-celled aquatic alga recreates its own body mass in one day, but lives for only a day. A large female elephant takes years to produce her first baby, and lives much longer than the alga. For all plants and animals of all sizes these two factors – rate of biomass production and generation time – exactly balance each other, so each contributes the same energy per gram of parent to the next generation in their lifetime.”

The bottom line, Hall said, is that all organisms are, on average, equally fit for survival.

Hall’s co-author, James H. Brown, a physiological ecologist at the University of New Mexico, said, “The fact that all organisms are nearly equally fit has profound implications for the evolution and persistence of life on Earth.”

The third author on the paper, which was published online, is mathematical biologist Richard M. Sibly of the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

The scientists tackled an intriguing question about life on the planet, beginning with some common knowledge. On one hand, they noted, microscopic, unicellular bacteria, algae and protists that weigh only a few micrograms live fast, generate much new biomass per day or even per minute, and die young, often within hours. On the other hand, mammals such as a 100-foot blue whale can live up to 100 years but generate new biomass, including babies, much more slowly.

The authors ask a sweeping question: How can such enormous variation in reproduction and survival allow persistence and coexistence of so many species? Their answer: Because there is a universal tradeoff in how organisms acquire, transform and expend energy for survival and production within constraints imposed by physics and biology.

In their research, the authors built a model of energy allocation, based on data involving rates of energy investment in growth and reproduction, generation times (commonly considered 22 to 32 years for humans) and body sizes of hundreds of species ranging from microbes to mammals and trees. They found an exactly equal but opposite relationship between growth rate and generation time among all these organisms.

The net result is what the authors call the “equal fitness paradigm.” Species are nearly equally fit for survival because they all devote the same quantity of energy per unit of body weight to produce offspring in the next generation; the higher activity and shorter life of small organisms is exactly compensated for by the slower activity and greater longevity of large organisms.

Hall said the tradeoff between rate of living and generation time is one reason for the great diversity of life on Earth: No one size or life form has a built-in advantage over another. The apparent benefits of being larger (for example, bigger males are more likely to win in competition for mates) are compensated for by the fact that larger animals are typically less productive over time.

“There is no single way of living and using energy that is best,” Hall and Brown said. “Given the array of environmental conditions on the planet, one kind of organism might gain a temporary advantage, but such gains will soon be countered by other, competing organisms. The result is what evolutionary biologist Leigh Van Valen called the ‘Red Queen phenomenon,’ based on Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass: All species must keep running to keep up with others and stay in the evolutionary race.”

Conscience Test : Start with your food love



You entered into famous fast food chain,
you are in queue to order two burgers,
you order and pay for two burgers,
you and your child sit and eat it.

During this entire episode, do you ever get a single thought like ‘this is junk food and it is life-threatening food and why am I eating stupid things?’ ?

No? No thought? If you don’t care for self, whom do you care for? And you say you love your children, really? 🙂

I wonder, what forces us to take irrational decisions > any clue? Does hunger dominate with such cruelty?

Girl Child : Precious Gift and Vital Link to धर्म संस्थापना

Girld child

We can transform kaliyug into satyayug and the first step is to give birth to exceptionally superior dharmic mothers. All parents of girl child are lucky and potent change agents. They can do wonder with powerful will.

सम्पदि यस्य न हर्षो विपदि विषादो रणे न भीरुत्वम्
तं भुवनत्रयतिलकं जनयति जननी सुतं विरलम्

sampadi yasya na harSho vipadi viShaado raNe na bheerutvam
tam bhuvanatrayatilakam janayati jananee sutam viralam

Only an exceptional mother gives birth to a child – who does not get extremely happy on reception of wealth, who does not get sad on the arrival of bad times, who does not become a coward in a war because of fear. The child with such qualities is a crown jewel of the world.

She is foundation wall for धर्म आधारित कुटुंब. Respect, revere and take very well care of her!
We have discussed here, importance of daughter :
Such is the respect and value adhered to Girl child. We must protect her as precious gift. She is the link to the change in society we all seek.
Here is the research discussing how trauma to maternal childhood affects all her progeny.
Maternal childhood trauma leads to offspring’s emotional and behavioral difficulties.
Take very good care of your girl child. Her trauma -> All her future offsprings’ trauma!
In past, we discussed how maternal habits affect future of unborn children:

I live in tier-2 city. Female smoking in public place is new low for us now.

What these young girls don’t realize is very unfortunate. They don’t realize that they are capable to produce whole new universe within! Principle of motherhood is alive due to them.

Blood is water at the core. Water (or Specialized water called Blood) is the closest epigenetic medium for cells. Water carries memory of not only smoking but all your legacy (Not just DNA!). That is how you and me exhibit so many traits of our parents and grandparents.

And this is the reason that role of mother is critical in maintaining right habits, diet – before even couple plan for child.

Blood’s Memory : mother smoked, detectable five years later


Mothers with troubled childhoods more likely to have children with emotional and behavioural difficulties

The study found a significant link between the two, with almost half (49 per cent) of children whose mothers had been mistreated as children, developing emotional and behavioural difficulties such as excessive worrying or anger at 10, 11 and 13 years of age.

Mothers with troubled childhoods were also significantly more likely to have a lower level of education, to have a psychiatric history, to drink and smoke more in pregnancy and to have lower social support.

The study offers a way to combat the psychological difficulties experienced by children and to promote good mental health in future generations. This entails offering mothers with troubled childhoods and low mood access to psychological and social support, including offeringt parenting programmes aimed at fostering sensitive and warm caregiving practices.


Catholic Hindu: Product of Modern Education Minus Dharmic Family


My friend was very happy Today. I asked him reason. He said he is happy because he gifted his children surprised Christmas gifts (Electronic Toys).

I greeted him for adding happiness by surprise in his children. Out of curiosity, I also asked him, “what did you gift them on Diwali?”

“Hmmm. Well, nothing as such. Oh yes, one large chocolate box!”

I replied, “Wonderful!”

Who says hindus are 80% in India?
We are mere 10% as per my observations.
70% are Catholic Hindus. Yes, even many of those who cry for Ram mandir once in a while for political motive.

Friend had curious question: Why did I use “Catholic Hindu Indian” term for those Indians who now live media-driven, market-controlled life? And why not “Protestant Hindu Indian” or “XYZ faith Hindu Indian”?

When I say we are already a quasi-catholic and quasi-islamic society now and we are either Catholic Hindus or Arabic Hindus, I see friends angry about it. Some of them unfriend 😉.

Accept the reality. Constitution is designed to be anti-sanatani. Media and Politicians are paid heavily to disregard Sanatana dharma. Schools and colleges are designed to beget catholic Indians. Entertainment industry is dominated by pro-Islamic culture. Spiritual Ashrams run on concepts of Church, with purpose of mass capture and synthetic unification.

Why रविवार is mandatory holiday?
Why new movie is released on Friday?
Why judiciary trespasses only into Hindu rituals?
Why Temples are controlled by govt?




Please read this article from magazine Vaidik Dharma. Year is 1955.

Changing faith is not so easy. Change in faith is not only due to spiritual inclination/attraction for specific sect but due to intense yet silent persuasion by different mediums. Schooling is one such medium. Movies, another medium. Advertisements. FMCG Products. It can be any medium. Goal is common – persuasion.

Mind you – this is not for some spiritual progress or self-realization. Sheer power game.


इदं न मम(Idam na mama) is a universal principle : Selfless living, longer living

We see life as universal sacrifice, helping others. Our motto is “इदं न मम” (This is not mine. This life, this action. Nothing is mine! Nothing is for me! My life is for the world! Rest of the universe!)
So called secular minds will say : ” Oh you religious fanatic! Always talking language of narrow minded Hindu Dharma” 😀
I went to one school for friend’s son’s admission. The headmistress told us: “Ours is a secular school! We celebrate spirit of all festivals but not religiously!” 😀
What a crap!
What religion? Dharma is not religion. इदं न मम is a universal principle!
Read this article, explaining same in modern science lingo!

Caregiving within and beyond the family is associated with lower mortality for the caregiver: A prospective study



Older people who help and support others live longer. These are the findings of a study published in the journal “Evolution and Human Behavior”, conducted by researchers from the University of Basel, Edith Cowan University, the University of Western Australia, the Humboldt University of Berlin, and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Older people who help and support others are also doing themselves a favor. An international research team has found that grandparents who care for their grandchildren on average live longer than grandparents who do not. The researchers conducted survival analyses of over 500 people aged between 70 and 103 years, drawing on data from the Berlin Aging Study collected between 1990 and 2009.

In contrast to most previous studies on the topic, the researchers deliberately did not include grandparents who were primary or custodial caregivers. Instead, they compared grandparents who provided occasional childcare with grandparents who did not, as well as with older adults who did not have children or grandchildren but who provided care for others in their social network.

Marketers love to exploit social gullibility / credulousness



Gullibility developed through school education is dangerous virus. It kills social cleverness/intellectual alertness(दक्षता) from roots without any symptoms on surface 🙂.

That’s where advertising , media and power custodians exploit citizens. They make citizens pass through GREAT INDIAN EDUCATION SCAM assembly line and convert दक्षता into Gullibility virus. This virus does not only make humans puppets for illicit power custodians but also spread same gullibility as mass hysteria.

And mind you, social Gullibility has no relevance with your degree or alma-mater. I see many IITians, IIM alumni, doctors, engineers affected by gullibility virus.

Here is a quick gullibility test

Do you buy things by its face value (Glossy wrapper, attractive tagline)?
Do you buy things because there is sale but not because there is a need!?
Do you like song just because it is cool and liked by majority? (Kolaveri di)
Do you consider actors/politicians role models by their PR campaigns? ( Sachin, Sehwag, Amitabh, Salmaan etc)

If yes, think and act! You are victim of gullibility virus!

Art of taking care of self : Why?


Art of taking care of self. Why?
Art : Duty or Selfish motive?


Why do we cure our sickness?
To avoid death? To regain healthy state so that we can again indulge in extreme sensual pleasures (eating, drinking and all sort of blind indulgences)

That is so selfish motive. Narrow minded motive.

We cure our body and mind because we have duties towards family, society, nation, mother Earth and the universe. It is fundamental principle of Sanatana dharma that we take birth to participate in universal Yagna (sacrifice). Life goes on because of our actions. But since we live for self, we forget our duties and indulge in pleasures all the time. (Mind you- I don’t advocate negation of pleasures in life. They too are needed but in moderation.) Selfish actions invite sickness. You are sick so your environment will also become sick. And vicious circle goes on.
If you live duty bound life, you hardly fall sick. No poison or food can make you sick. But as soon as you eat for pleasure and forget your limits, sickness arrives. Sometimes silently from backdoor.

Think about it. Pleasures is not the only goal of life. That is so like animal. Humans with naturally gifted intellect and will power has more duties to follow. Think about it. Be wise while taking any action. Try to live selfless life. Live for others and others will live for you and your body. Experiment if you do not trust my words

True Patriot by Bhagwan Manu



Word Patriot was popularized lately by American political think tanks.Americanism is a set of the United States patriotic values aimed at creating a collective American identity, and can be defined as “an articulation of the nation’s rightful place in the world, a set of traditions, a political language, and a cultural style imbued with political meaning”

Let us go beyond. For us, राष्ट्र भक्त is the real world as the culture or संस्कृति defines राष्ट्र and we राष्ट्र भक्त. Over and above patriotism that is vulnerable for hijack by political parties for petty short term political gains.

सच्चा देशभक्त by भगवान मनु

एतद्देश प्रसूतस्य सकाशादग्रजन्मना |
स्वं स्वं चरित्रं शिक्षेरन् पृथिव्यां सर्वमानवा: ||

“All people living on earth (prutivyaam sarva-manvaa-haa) should take lessons about living and building character from the ancestors who took birth in this land (Bharat Bhumi) and have always lead others by character.”

Are we true patriots? Do we lead life by our character? Manu, the supreme law-giver had stated very clearly that solution to world problems is two-fold. First, conduct of every Bharatiya should reflect character of Rishi & Veda. Second, character of us should be so high that people from other Nationa may draw inspiration from us. This makes it clear that there is an urgent necessity of presenting this definition of देशभक्त before the present Bharat-youth when the world is virtually sitting on the volcano of social and physical destruction.

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