ज्ञान : Ultimate Fire



यथैधांसि समिद्धोऽग्निर्भस्मसात्कुरुतेऽर्जुन।
ज्ञानाग्निः सर्वकर्माणि भस्मसात्कुरुते तथा।।4.37।।

Hindi Commentary By Swami Ramsukhdas

4.37।। व्याख्या यथैधांसि समिद्धोऽग्निर्भस्मसात् कुरुतेऽर्जुन पीछेके श्लोकमें भगवान्ने ज्ञानरूपी नौकाके द्वारा सम्पूर्ण पापसमुद्रको तरनेकी बात कही। उससे यह प्रश्न पैदा होता है कि पापसमुद्र तो शेष रहता ही है फिर उसका क्या होगा अतः भगवान् पुनः दूसरा दृष्टान्त देते हुए कहते हैं कि जैसे प्रज्वलित अग्नि काष्ठादि सम्पूर्ण ईंधनोंको इस प्रकार भस्म कर देती है कि उनका किञ्चिन्मात्र भी अंश शेष नहीं रहता ऐसे ही ज्ञानरूप अग्नि सम्पूर्ण पापोंको इस प्रकार भस्म कर देती है कि उनका किञ्चिन्मात्र भी अंश शेष नहीं रहता।ज्ञानाग्निः सर्वकर्माणि भस्मसात्कुरुते तथा जैसे अग्नि काष्ठको भस्म कर देती है ऐसे ही तत्त्वज्ञानरूपी अग्नि संचित प्रारब्ध और क्रियमाण तीनों कर्मोंको भस्म कर देती है। जैसे अग्निमें काष्ठका अत्यन्त अभाव हो जाता है ऐसे ही तत्त्वज्ञानमें सम्पूर्ण कर्मोंका अत्यन्त अभाव हो जाता है। तात्पर्य यह है कि ज्ञान होनेपर कर्मोंसे अथवा संसारसे सर्वथा सम्बन्धविच्छेद हो जाता है। सम्बन्धविच्छेद होनेपर संसारकी स्वतन्त्र सत्ताका अनुभव नहीं होता प्रत्युत एक परमात्मतत्त्व ही शेष रहता है।

वास्तवमें मात्र क्रियाएँ प्रकृतिके द्वारा ही होती हैं (गीता 13। 29)। उन क्रियाओंसे अपना सम्बन्ध मान लेनेसे कर्म होते हैं। नाड़ियोंमें रक्तप्रवाह होना शरीरका बालकसे जवान होना श्वासोंका आनाजाना भोजनका पचना आदि क्रियाएँ जिस समष्टि प्रकृतिसे होती हैं उसी प्रकृतिसे खानापीना चलना बैठना देखना बोलना आदि क्रियाएँ भी होती हैं। परन्तु मनुष्य अज्ञानवश उन क्रियाओंसे अपना सम्बन्ध मान लेता है अर्थात् अपनेको उन क्रियाओंका कर्ता मान लेता है। इससे वे क्रियाएँ कर्म बनकर मनुष्यको बाँध देती हैं। इस प्रकार माने हुए सम्बन्धसे ही कर्म होते हैं अन्यथा क्रियाएँ ही होती हैं।तत्त्वज्ञान होनेपर अनेक जन्मोंके संचित कर्म सर्वथा नष्ट हो जाते हैं। कारण कि सभी संचित कर्म अज्ञानके आश्रित रहते हैं अतः ज्ञान होते ही (आश्रय आधाररूप अज्ञान न रहनेसे) वे नष्ट हो जाते हैं। तत्त्वज्ञान होनेपर कर्तृत्वाभिमान नहीं रहता अतः सभी क्रियमाण कर्म अकर्म हो जाते हैं अर्थात् फलजनक नहीं होते। प्रारब्ध कर्मका घटनाअंश (अनुकूलप्रतिकूल परिस्थिति) तो जबतक शरीर रहता है तबतक रहता है परन्तु ज्ञानीपर उसका कोई असर नहीं पड़ता। कारण कि तत्त्वज्ञान होनेपर भोक्तृत्व नहीं रहता अतः अनुकूलप्रतिकूल परिस्थिति सामने आनेपर वह सुखीदुःखी नहीं होता। इस प्रकार तत्त्वज्ञान होनेपर संचित प्रारब्ध और क्रियमाण तीनों कर्मोंसे किञ्चिन्मात्र भी सम्बन्ध नहीं रहता। कर्मोंसे अपना सम्बन्ध न रहनेसे कर्म नहीं रहते भस्म रह जाती है अर्थात् सभी कर्म अकर्म हो जाते हैं।

Dasabodha : Who deserve Namaskar?



Namaskar should be offered to the Sun and of course to the Guru with full faith and belief. When the Namaskar takes the form of total submission it is offered by fully prostrating your body before the God, the Guru and the Saints and is called as Sashtaang Namaskar.

It should be offered to great disciples, knowledgeable people, and people with Vairagya, those who have experienced the inner self, Yogis, great men from any walk of life, those who know the Vedas, religious and other sciences, and Pundits. It should be offered with the firm feeling that there is a part of God or the Guru in all of them and by offering them Namaskar one is in fact offering it to the God or the Guru. The nicety of this feeling is that the inner self who is hidden in the visible becomes visible with little effort.

By offering Namaskar one becomes humble, loses pride and ego, is freed from vices, and is able to get forgiveness for even the greatest of blunders and friendly with even with those who unnecessarily think of you as an enemy. The person to whom Namaskar is offered becomes utmost kind to you. It relieves you off the vicious cycle of birth and death. Even you should also forgive those who offer you Namaskar after realizing their mistakes. Namaskar yields wisdom. The Saints, Sages and the Guru look after you after you offer Namaskar to them and show you the path to the Parbrahma. Offering Namaskar is the easiest form of worship as you don’t require anything for doing it but it should be done with the fullest faith and unflinching belief. Shree Samarth says that it is not only easiest but also one of the great forms of worship as you have to forget about yourself when you bow in front of someone for offering Namaskar and that is easier said than done but when you know how to forget about yourself you stand a very good chance of getting to your inner self and then the Parbrahma.


Criminal free society or Crime free society?



In India, come election season and media will find lawlessness everywhere! Are weak laws responsible for rising crimes in society? Will we be secure when laws are amended and made like communist laws of China or Shariya laws of middle eastern countries?

1) Criminal free society 2) Crime free society

What do we want? First or second?

Strict laws will eliminate criminals but cannot eliminate crimes.
Our lifestyle can eliminate crimes.

Ideal society seek solutions in self and not man-made laws.

There is no surprise that our society seek solution for sexual crimes in strict laws. Some of them compare our laws with other countries like Arabs and demand strict laws.

Are laws sole and full proof solution?

Let me share one scenario to understand this better:

There is a lake in the village. Fisherman community depends upon lake for the livelihood. Lake and her fish communities play critical role in this village economy.

Suddenly, there was an outbreak of disease and one by one fishes were

At this moment, Govt fishery dept can do two things

1) Give medicine to fishes
2) Investigate problems in environment which causes such outbreak

Task 2 is critical than saving already dying fishes. This does not mean task 1 is not needed at all. But task 2 is more critical to avoid future outbreaks.

Moral of the story is: It is environment that plays a role of breeding ground for healthy or unhealthy society, be it fishes or humans.

Strict laws are like task 1 in the story. US has best laws and judiciary but highest rape crimes happen in US. Do you know why? They don’t care about task 2. Do we know how these perverted humans are breeding?

Well, it is our perverted entertainment indulgence. But since it is our daily dosage of peace, we want to play blind and only focus on task 1 (Give medicines to fishes i.e. strict laws).

Ideal society takes care of their environment. We do not so we deserve crimes. We are right now shun the disease society. We should be prevent the disease society 🙁. Medicines cannot prevent physiological disease. Laws cannot prevent societal disease. We must work on environment to stop further outbreak.

Spirituality is joke in hungry society: भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला



भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला..
नाम के ऊपर वाणी है; क्योंकि वाणी द्वारा ही नाम का उच्चारण होता है। इसे ब्रह्म का एक रूप माना जा सकता है। वाणी के ऊपर संकल्प है; क्योंकि संकल्प ही मन को प्रेरित करता है। संकल्प के ऊपर चित्त है; क्योंकि चित्त ही संकल्प करने की प्रेरणा देता है। चित्त से भी ऊपर ध्यान है; क्योंकि ध्यान लगाने पर ही चित्त संकल्प की प्रेरणा देता है। ध्यान से ऊपर विज्ञान है; क्योंकि विज्ञान का ज्ञान होने पर ही हम सत्य-असत्य का पता लगाकर लाभदायक वस्तु पर ध्यान केन्द्रित करते हैं। विज्ञान से श्रेष्ठ बल है और बल से भी श्रेष्ठ अन्न है; क्योंकि भूखे रहकर न बल होगा, न विज्ञान होगा, न ध्यान लगाया जा सकेगा।

For me, not only poor but malnourished middle class kids are also poor as they don’t get the right food too! Not only physical food, our hunger for sensual gratification is highest in the history due to constant bombardment by media and hormonally imbalanced food. This will also hamper our individual and collective spiritual journey.


Was Shri Krishna Socialist/communist ?

नात्यश्नतस्तु योगोऽस्ति न चैकान्तमनश्नतः।
न चातिस्वप्नशीलस्य जाग्रतो नैव चार्जुन।।6.16।।

Don’t see “Demanding food for mass” with socialist or communist lenses.

It is pre-requisite for साधना. When not fulfilled, you cannot find spiritually eager critical mass. Without such critical mass, dharma? राष्ट्र? hmmm. All the best (y) Try it out.

food2 food3

Activity and Seclusion



Ideally, exercise demand seclusion, you be with yourself so that you can be with your billion plus body cells who demand your focus for their nourishment (focused, like you do prayer). Cooking demand social contribution, all family members participating.

In reality, we seek company for exercise and force wife/mother/sister/self to cook in seclusion.

Re-arrange priorities if you can. It is fun (not just fun actually. It is great way to use life’s precious moments for enriching life) cooking together and exercise alone. 🙂

Side note: यज्ञ is the key word behind all human activities. In exercise, billion plus body cells participate in यज्ञ. It is micro-level यज्ञ. Cooking is macro-level यज्ञ where we participate.


Never delay dharma-karya(धर्म-कार्य)



Whatever you have to pay back to others or whichever task has to be done by you, please do it in the expected time and without delay. If you do not do it in assigned time then the relevance of that work vanishes (i.e. it will have no impact (impact is here equated with rasa essence).

रस रहने तक रसपूर्वक | कर डालिए| धर्मकार्यमें देरी नहीं!कभी नहीं!

Vitthal is the center of worship



Do you know why you can still find lakhs of devotees participating in Dindi procession?!

Simple reason : Vitthal is the center of worship.

Urban Pop-Guru craze won’t sustain the Kala blows. No man-made interest for community can sustain the Kala (TIme) blows.

Think about it. Keep Vitthal in the center. For the sake of Dharma.

Aashadhi Ekadashi is here. Much needed Hindu Unity won’t happen by social media. Come on the roads. Participate in mass events. If you are bright dynamic young man, demonstrate! Keep the rituals alive! That is the only way of unity!

॥ विठ्ठल विठ्ठल विठ्ठला ||

She is center of the Universe!


Without her, who are you?

There was discussion raided by colleague about big fat Indian wedding virus spreading in all sections of society and how it is waste of resources.

This is happening because we really don’t want to live life at subtle level. We really don’t want to spend time in performing rituals by understanding their stand in our life!

Your daughter and his wife is not a doll! She is center of the universe!! And never a big fat waste on wedding! Let Ambani(s) and Tata(s) do it! They spend 0.1% of wealth. You spend your entire saving in it!!

ध्रुवा द्यौर्ध्रुवा पृथिवी ध्रुवं विश्वमिदं जगत्।
ध्रुवासः पर्वता इमे ध्रुवा स्त्री पतिकुले इयम्।।

हिन्दू परिवारमें ,स्त्री ध्रुव है| विवाह समय, पति पत्नीको यह बातसे अवगत करवाता है|

Would-be groom make sure that her would-be bride realize that she is the center of new universe they are forming together!!

He is not doing his job of making her realize.
She is not doing her job to act as a center.

🙁 May Maa bless all couples wisdom to realize this विवाह मंत्र

Related reference from ऋग्वेद


ऋषि: (Rishi) :- ध्रुवः

देवता (Devataa) :- राज्ञःस्तुतिः

छन्द: (Chhand) :- अनुष्टुप्

स्वर: (Swar) :- गान्धारः


The Mantra with meters (Sanskrit)

ध्रु॒वा द्यौर्ध्रु॒वा पृ॑थि॒वी ध्रु॒वास॒: पर्व॑ता इ॒मे । ध्रु॒वं विश्व॑मि॒दं जग॑द्ध्रु॒वो राजा॑ वि॒शाम॒यम् ॥

सब वस्तुओं का आधार जगत् नियम में ध्रुव है स्थिर है, नक्षत्र एवं ग्रह मण्डल का आधार द्युलोक ध्रुव है, मनुष्य पशु पक्षी वृक्ष एवं पाषणादि का आधार पृथिवी ध्रुव है ऐसे ही प्रजाओं का आधार राजा भी ध्रुव नियम में रहना चाहिये ||४||

Life of A Dharma Agent : Walking on Razor’s Edge



Why do insist friends to stay away from gossip, cricket, political trivia, Bollywood and all?

See, it is simple. You cannot walk on two paths at the same time. Either you are on the part of dharma for self-realization for self and rest or you are on the path of delusion.

Path of dharma is razor sharp. Painful. If you cannot bear the pain, better we take different paths from this point of time.

One must get rid of 21st century’s illusion.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत ।
क्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया दुर्गं पथस्तत्कवयो वदन्ति ।।
(कठोपनिषद्, अध्याय १, वल्ली ३, मंत्र १४)
जिसका अर्थ कुछ यूं हैः उठो, जागो, और जानकार श्रेष्ठ पुरुषों के सान्निध्य में ज्ञान प्राप्त करो । विद्वान् मनीषी जनों का कहना है कि ज्ञान प्राप्ति का मार्ग उसी प्रकार दुर्गम है जिस प्रकार छुरे के पैना किये गये धार पर चलना ।


न मे दासो नार्यो महित्वा व्रतं मीमाय यदहम धरिश्ये ||अथर्ववेद ५-११-३ ||

जब ( अहं धरिश्ये ) मै निश्चय करता हूँ ( मे व्रतं ), मेरे उस निश्चय को अथवा व्रत को ( न दास: , न आर्य: ) न तो कोई दास तथा न ही आर्य ( महित्वा ) अपने सामर्थ्य से ( मीमाय ) नष्ट कर या तोड़ सकता है |

My will is unconquerable. I am ever certain about my vow, a promise to self. My actions are full of certitude & no one, whomsoever, can deflect my actions as far as they are part of my vow, vow about re-establishing dharma (धर्म संस्थापनाय).

संशयात्मा विनश्यति: If you believe, its truer



संशयात्मा विनश्यति ।
He who lacks discrimination, is devoid of faith, and is at the same time possessed by doubt is lost.

We have a choice. To believe or not. Investigations and inquiry is different thing. Inquisitive minds, always in search of finding solutions for mother nature’s puzzles are always welcomed but what about those who doubts?

They remain lost forever. In matrix. Here.

Enquiry is highest wisdom. True. However, faith should be base and not doubt. संशयात्मा विनश्यति|| Most rational Hindus keep संशय at base.🙁

Brains seem to involuntarily process the factual aspects of opinion statements differently depending on the extent to which they agree with the subjective points of view.

Rational Hindu,with colonial imprints, doubts whether scriptures & culture are true or not & with doubt as base, he inquires, inviting विनाश.

Having faithful inquiry doesn’t mean denial of science. If any tradition or scripture is based on truth, it will prevail even after inquiry. But if faith is missing, no one can help to cure delusional blindness.

There are two ways to understand scientifically backed beliefs impregnated by Culture of the land.

1) You accept them as truth realized by seers(Hypothesis -A tentative insight into the natural world;) in past and try to unveil truth behind it.
2) You accept them as false claims, doubt and try to prove them myths.

Anything is possible. You decide how to move further. Truth prevails, despite your futile efforts.

Just keep this in mind:
संशयात्मा विनश्यति||

अज्ञश्चाश्रद्धधानश्च संशयात्मा विनश्यति।
नायं लोकोऽस्ति न परो न सुखं संशयात्मनः॥
— भगवद्गीता ४-४०

He who lacks discrimination, is devoid of faith, and is at the same time possessed by doubt is lost from spiritual path.
For the doubting soul there is neither this world nor the world beyond, nor even happiness.

How does your research start? With faith or doubt?

Now, let us focus on research paper related to it and be firm. Never approach Sastra with doubt.:


If You Believe It, It’s True

A new Ben-Gurion University study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, titled “That’s My Truth,” explores the brain’s processes and how opinions can trick cognition. Examining what they call “involuntary opinion-confirmation bias,” psychologists from BGU and The Hebrew University concluded that subjective points of view cause us to process facts more or less rapidly, and thus can hasten or get in the way of accuracy judgments.

“In order to make informed decisions, people need to be able to consider the merits and weaknesses of different opinions and adapt to new information,” says Dr. Michael Gilead, head of BGU’s Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory. “This involuntary, ‘reflex-like’ tendency to consider things we already believe in as being true might dampen our ability to think things through in a rational way.”

Human beings are less rational than we wish to believe, according to the psychologists. The findings are in line with previous research into the “epistemic Stroop effect,” which shows people involuntarily reject factual propositions that conflict with their worldview. “The distinction between factual truths and opinions held to be true is pivotal for rational discourse,” the team writes. “However, this distinction may apparently be somewhat murky within human psychology.”


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