Cow Slaughter, Ghee, Fire Ritual and Weather Patterns



Rain rain, untimely rain again . From Kashmir to Kanya kumari 🙁

#BeefBan Banning cow slaughter is not mere about sentiments. Weather pattern of this land depends upon her.

धृतं तीव्रं जुहोतन ( यजु 3 2)
In holy fire, sacrifice ghee, the one that destroys all imperfections.
Use ghee for success of sacrifice. What is success measure?

निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षन्तु
Timely and moderate rain.

Shakti peethams and Jyotiralingams are specific energy centers where when sacrificial ritual using गौ सहाय are performed regularly, monsoon and other seasons bestow life-enriching, famine-free, flood-free for consecutive years for Bharat. Evenly distributed tirth-Sthans(s) and never-ending sacrificial rituals at each location, play critical role in controlling weather patterns. Ghee is now procured from dairy, unethical practices, torture to Gau and her calves so rituals don’t bear fruits.

To counter the attack of artificial weather control (Google HAARP to know how US AirForce can control weather), only Gau will help. This may sound superlative and out of mind claim but understand this: Without गौ, this is impossible. Please note. If this is little difficult to digest, I suggest you to leave house and go for Tirth Yatra. Then only present your arguments here.🙂

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Cows are Indra : Her Prasad, Potent cure



No sight gladdened the eye of the vedic Bharatiya more than the cow returning from the pasture, and licking her calf; no sound was more musical to his ear than the lowing of milch kine.

इमा या गाव: स जनास इन्द्र। “ये गाएं ही इन्द्र हैं|”

Dare we ignore incarnation of abundance – The Holy Cow!


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Dare we ignore incarnation of abundance(कामधेनु) – The Holy Cow and blissfully invite poverty and diseases like dire conditions for Nation!

When you talk about Cow as Incarnation of ‘Abundance’ to unsympathetic critics of Hinduism, they often prompt frivolous doubts like:
What is the practical import of ancient Vedic religious codes at present day? They were designed and suited for ancient living in early phase of civilization. Any attempt to make these Vedic rituals relevant in present time is utopian and quixotic. And they are not tested by science (:))

This attitude is common and prevailing in modern Hindus. Not only for Cow but for all rituals. Their education alienates them from their roots without being dwelt into scientific enquiry and experiments.

I consider this as utter inefficiency usage of brain.

MIND YOU! Cow protection is not a question of culture preservation or national reconstruction based on traditions; it is simply not a movement towards generating pride in Indian traditions. COW PROTECTION IS IMPERATIVE NECESSITY IN CURRENT STRESSFUL TIME, to once again trace back salutary practices of our Golden past.
Vedic civilization is unique in chequered history of the world. Many civilizations came and disappeared like midnight meteors. Nation rose and fell with their local historical settings. Despite alien intrusion and national sub-ordination, we still stand high, all thanks to faith in local culture.

To bring back National Glory, have guts in belly to decipher and protect Kamdhenu, incarnation of ‘Abundance’. If you don’t have guts, don’t spit venom like ‘Buffalo is better than Cow’ or ‘Cow is just another animal’ and devalue her value in Indian society. By doing that, you invite dire consequences for future generation.

Ancient Iran, Mother Cow and her protection in Zarathustrianism




Of all the religions that rose and fell in known civilization history, Zarathustrianism offers us, perhaps nearest approach to Vedic Religion and at times even outshines as far as preserving cultural legacy like lives of bovines.

One of the great similarity starts by Pahlavi language and her reflection of Sanskrit. You don’t seek Etymology far to understand this; with a few linguistic alternations and variations of inflexions, one can see same roots behind technical words. Take an example of gos(cow) of Zend-Avesta is Sanskrit root go (cow).

• Gos(Cow) -> Go
• Gomes(Urine) -> Gomedh

Sirozah are sacred invocations mentioned in Zarathustrianism , to revere 30 deities. One each for day of the month. Sirozahs are sung towards revering soul of the cow. And it goes like :

• “We sacrifice “to the body of the cow, to the powerful Drvaspa, made by Mazda and Holy”
• “ We sacrifice into the soul of the bounteous cow”
• The destruction of any living being is injury to Drvaspa (Drvaspa (druuāspā, drvāspā, drwāspā) is the Avestan language name of an “enigmatic” and “strangely discreet”[1] Zoroastrian divinity, whose name literally means “with solid horses” and which she is then nominally the hypostasis of.) – This saws bloodless sacrifice which is now corrupted.
• The cow straying in unknown paths , being driven away, longs for stables, and invokes the aid of Mithra (Compare it with मित्र – सूर्य of Vedas) , the lord of wide pastures.
In Zoroastrian rituals , bull too play important role. For Zoroastrian cosmology, bull enjoys the position of Adam of animal world. For example Sirozah mentions:
• We sacrifice onto the moon who keeps seeds of bull intake.
Read Zend-Avesta for numerous striking similarities with Vedas.

To the indo-Iranian, the prefatory value of Gomez (Cow urine) and Nirang(Ox Urine) can never be minimized. For them, material uncleanliness, personal defilement, constitutional malady , any corporeal blemish, either inherent or external, is capable of being purged though properly instrumented Cow/Ox urine.

Example passage (Read Zend-Avesta for greater details)
“O maker of the material world, what is the food that woman shall first take?”
“Gomez (Cow/Ox Urine) mixed with ashes, three draughts of it, or six or nine to send down the Dakhma within her womb. After that, she can take boiling milk of cow or goat without water. ”

Thus, cattle are always held sacred by the Iranian. Cow slaughter is a crime deserving capital punishment. Cow and Bull are symbol of material plenty and spiritual splendor.
May Iranian descendents understand this and start revering Cows again and stop her slaughter.


1) Fargad and Sirozah
2) Aban Yast
3) Encyclopedia of religion and ethics by Edwards Vol XI
4) Studies in Indian life and sentiment by Fuller
5) The Zend Avesta

Roots of cow slaughter in India:1954 Expert Committee

Roots of cow slaughter in India
1954 Expert Committee on the Prevention of Slaughter of Cattle in India
In 1954, the Government of India (Ministry of Food and Agriculture) appointed an “Expert Committee on the Prevention of Slaughter of Cattle in India”, which gave its report in January 1955.
Do you want to know committee’s startling conclusion?
Hold your breadth! 😀
In the very middle of the report, the Committee began to say that as we do not have enough fodder we cannot maintain more than 40% of our cattle. According to it, 60% of the rest had to be culled from the Indian Cattle stock, whenever possible.
Can you imagine the reason? There is no fodder so kill! 😀 Insane, illogical and fabricated!
Points to ponder upon:
1) It was Congress govt led by Nehru
2) Nehru was a meat-eater, specially beef-eater, a regular wine-drinker
3) He regularly took guidance from British Govt and queen even after 1947. It is documented fact that Kashmir mess was due to he asked Mountbatten to take decisions.
Connect the dots. Britishers did not want India to prosper so they promoted cow slaughter. Independent India’s slave rulers followed the same on master’s call.
गो भिस्तुल्यं न पश्यामि धनं किचिदिहाच्युत |
मै इस संसार में गौ धन के समान और कोई धन नहीं देखता हूँ|
सोना-चांदी और रत्न-मणि सब धन है केवल नाम का,
यदि है कोई धन जगत में गोधन है बस काम का…
भक्तार्थं विक्रयार्थं वा येऽपहारं हि कुर्वते।
दानार्थं ब्राह्मणार्थाय तत्रेदं श्रूयतां फलम्।।
विक्रयार्थं हि यो हिंस्याद्भक्षयेद्वा निरङ्कुशः।
घातयानं हि पुरुषं येऽनुमन्येयुरर्थिनः।।
घातकः खादको वाऽपि तथा यश्चानुमन्यते।
यावन्ति तस्या रोमाणि तावद्वर्षाणि मज्जति।।
( महाभारत , अनु० ७४/४)
गौ की हत्या करने वाले , उसका माँस खाने वाले, हत्या का अनुमोदन करने वाले लोग गौ के शरीर में जितने रोएँ होते हैं, उतने वर्षों तक नरक में डूबे रहते है ।
Please note: Those directly or indirectly, supporting or justifying beef import, usage, eating…are partner in the destruction crimes.
Well, that is what Mahabharata narrates.

Prana : Dung manure Vs chemical fertilizer


Difference between manure and chemical fertilizer is as simple as you eat raw grains and cooked rice-dal.

Try eating raw rice dal for some time and observe struggle of your stomach. Do one thing: First eat 10 gm of weekly salt. Then eat 10 gm of each spices. And then some raw vegetables for next day. And third day, uncooked rice. And so on…good meals, right? Try it and see how much stress your digestive track gets.

Same goes with plants when they are treated with raw chemicals as nutrients. This negatively impact their health by two ways

1) Lack of nutrition , Lack of prana, bad health, rapid ageing. By the time they come to your plate, they are dead food. Difficult to digest with no benefits.
2) Lack of prana triggers decay event so mother nature will manage cleaning staff i.e. bacteria. Attack of micro-lives who gather to eat dead chemicals. So pesticides as response and vicious circle goes on.

On the other hand, manure as a fertilizer and cow-urine, cow-butter milk as a pest control, are outcomes from natural/manual churning process. Full of prana. Digestible food. Friendly food. Cooked food. Food that soil loves. Food that bacteria loves.

Digestible (Churned at least once in animal’s digestive system) vs difficult to digest (Raw material)

Full of prana (Treated by animals and humans – high at prana shakti) vs lack of prana (Treated by machines i.e. entities low at prana shakti)

Selection of manure depends upon what plants love to eat. Most plants love Cow-manure in daily food. Do we provide? Well, we are living in critical manure-famine era. There are not enough mother cows to provide enough manure for all plants across all farms of the Nation.

Unless we stop vacuous slaughter of mother, this problem will remain unsolved.

Agriculture In Water Stressed Terrain



All Utopians criticizing beef ban, remember one thing : Without her, situation will be worse than predicted.

And all who are rejoicing for MH-Law, don’t stop here! Come out from your homes, do Gupt daan to farmers and inspire them to do Gau-based farming!

At least, spend 10% of your earning in Cow-protection. Both your time and money. Must!

All your idealistic human rights ideas will become dust when tap at home won’t give water!

Read this:

गोबर की खाद जब हम खेत मे डालते है तो होता क्या है ?? दरअसल गोबर जो है वो बहुत तरह के जीव जन्तुओ का भोजन है और यूरिया भोजन नहीं जहर है आपके खेत मे एक जीव होता है जिसे केंचुआ कहते हैं केंचुआ को कभी पकड़ना और उसके ऊपर थोड़ा यूरिया डाल देना आप देखोगे केंचुआ तरफना शुरू हो जाएगा और तुरंत मर जाएगा ! जब हम टनों टन यूरिया खेत मे डालते है करोड़ो केंचुए मार डाले हमने यूरिया डाल डाल के !!
केंचुआ करता क्या है ?? केंचुए मिट्टी को नरम बनाते है पोला बनाते है उपजाऊ बनाते हैं केंचुए का कम क्या है ?? ऊपर से नीचे जाना ,नीचे से ऊपर आना पूरे दिन मे तीन चार चक्कर वो ऊपर से नीचे ,नीचे से ऊपर लगा देता है ! अब जब केंचुआ नीचे जाता तो एक रास्ता बनाते हुए जाता है और जब फिर ऊपर आता है तो फिर एक रास्ता बनाते हुए ऊपर आता है ! तो इसका परिणाम ये होता है की ये छोटे छोटे छिद्र जब केंचुआ तैयार कर देता है तो बारिश का पानी एक एक बूंद इन छिद्रो से होते हुए तल मे जमा हो जाता है !
मतलब water recharging का काम पूरी दुनिया मे कोई करता है तो वो केंचुआ है जो यूरिया के कारण मर जाता है इसलिए यूरिया डालना मतलब किसान के लिए आत्मह्त्या करने के बराबर है ! जिस किसान के खेत मे यूरिया डालेगा तो केंचुआ मर जाएगा केंचुआ मर गया तो मिट्टी मे ऊपर नीचे कोई जाएगा नहीं तो मिट्टी कठोर होती जाएगी कड़क होती जाएगी मिट्टी और रोटी के बारे एक बात कही जाती है की इन्हे फेरते रहो नहीं तो खत्म हो जाती है रोटी को फेरना बंद किया तो जल जाती है मिट्टी को फेरना बंद करो पत्थर जैसी हो जाती है !
मिट्टी को फेरने का मतलब समझते है ?? ऊपर की मिट्टी नीचे ! नीचे की ऊपर !ऊपर की नीचे ,नीचे की ऊपर ये केंचुआ ही करता है ! केंचुआ किसान का सबसे बड़ा दोस्त है ! एक केंचुआ साल भर जिंदा रहे तो एक वर्ष मे 36 मीट्रिक टन मिट्टी को उल्ट पलट कर देता है और उतनी ही मिट्टी को ट्रैक्टर से उल्ट पलट करना पड़े तो सौ लीटर डीजल लग जाता है 100 लीटर डीजल 4800 का है ! मतलब एक केंचुआ एक किसान का 4800 रूपये बचा रहा है ऐसे करोड़ो केंचुए है सोचो कितना लाभ हो रहा है इस देश को !

3 Maps Explain India’s Growing Water Risks

India is one of the most water-challenged countries in the world, from its deepest aquifers to its largest rivers.

Groundwater levels are falling as India’s farmers, city residents and industries drain wells and aquifers. What water is available is often severely polluted. And the future may only be worse, with the national supply predicted to fall 50 percent below demand by 2030.

Enter the India Water Tool 2. 0. The new web platform is the most comprehensive, publicly available online tool evaluating India’s water risks. Created by a group of companies, research organizations, and industry associations—including WRI and coordinated by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)—the tool can help companies, government agencies, and other water users identify their most pressing challenges and carefully target water-risk management efforts.

The tool illustrates the depth and breadth of India’s water-related challenges. A few trends emerge:

54 Percent of India Faces High to Extremely High Water Stress

The map below illustrates competition between companies, farms and people for surface water in rivers, lakes, streams, and shallow groundwater. Red and dark-red areas are highly or extremely highly stressed, meaning that more than 40 percent of the annually available surface water is used every year.

Read more:

Leather Industry and Rise in Cow slaughter after 1947


Rise in Cow slaughter after 1947

चमार जाती: चमार चमड़े का सामान बनाने वाला कर्मकार ।इस नाम की उत्पत्ति संस्कृत शब्द “चर्मकार” (चमड़े का काम करने वाला) से हुई है । उनका कार्य मृत पशुओं का व्यापार करनेका था|

Please note: चमार(s) deal with dead animals. Dead naturally.
In 1940, one of the Special Committees of the Indian National Congress opined that slaughter of cow and its progeny must be totally prohibited. However, strangely another Committee of the Congress opined that the skin and leather of cow and its progeny, which is fresh by slaughter should be sold and exported to earn foreign exchange. It opined against cow slaughter prohibition. It was in pursuance of such unfortunate recommendations, as well as pressure from the leather lobby that, in 1950, an order was issued by the Government of India that the skin of dead cow fetches less value in comparison to the skin of the slaughtered cows. State Governments were, therefore, advised not to introduce total prohibition on cow-slaughter.

Got the point? Congress! They were behind pumping greed in commoners! That is how slaughter was increased!

Don’t get surprised. So called Nationalist govt of BJP is walking on Congress path only with no radical change in slaughterhouses.

Protect Cow – Topmost Affirmative Action



Gau is the first step for such affirmative actions. We have to start from somewhere. Gau is delicate and critical fabric to regain our shelter back. When I talk about Gau, it is not isolation but inclusion of all sectors where we need alternative models against modern development models.

I want farmers to stop chemical-farming?
Is it possible without Gau(गौ)? No. Without natural fertilizer based on gau (गौ), there is no way we can beat crop yield of chemical farming forever.

I want all big dams to go

Is it possible without surplus natural water reservoirs? No. Is it possible surplus water without uniform rain? No. Is uniform rain possible? Yes, with fire rituals performed using cow-dung, rice and ghee.

I want to stop using OIL based transportation to stop pollution.

I can use solar or wind energy? What about manufacturing waste pollution of these technolgies? Any sustainable option? Yes, biogas. Possible without Gau(गौ)? No.

I want to stop proliferation of cement jungles
What is alternative? Lime and dung based horizontal homes and so Gau(गौ).
I want to stop deforestation.
I want to stop plastic usage.
I want clean air.
I want medicines alternative.


Cow Slaughter and Cremation



Raw material used for rituals should be pure. Any fire ritual we perform, demands wood. This wood should be collected wood. One should not cut the healthy trees for rituals. Use the dead parts abandoned by वृक्षदेवता. That is the prasad to be offered to the अग्नि देवता. When wood is not available or scarcely available, use गौ-प्रसाद i.e. dung cakes. Rituals helps you to remain in a infinite universal cycle. Cutting trees means you are breaking the cycle 🙂.

Without गौ माता, hardly any ritual is possible. 🙂

No automatic alt text available.

When an adult bullock is slaughtered, it affects the Sanskar of 10 persons per year. If a bullock is allowed to live 10 more years beyond the age of its premature death by slaughter, it can provide dung cakes for Agni Sanskar of 100 human beings. If wood is forced (as it is now) to be used for Agni Sanskar in the absence of dung cakes, its cost would be Rs 15 lakhs per tree, as per the valuation done by scientists.

So saving cow means – saving forests.

This is my yardstick to measure depth of any environmental activist : Is he/she worried about cattle protection? Is he/she against cow-slaughter? Did he/she work for protecting cows?

If answer is negative, they are fake fame hungry sentimental activists. If they remain same after educating them about value of Gau, ignore them.


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