Soil Health Card is useless without गौ आधारित खेती (Cow-based farming)



American university proclaims:

“With more than 7 billion microorganisms in the soil, it’s no surprise we still have a lot to learn about them and their impact on the environment. “Consequently, the activity of microorganisms in soil has the potential to alleviate or worsen climate change, so we need to form predictions regarding their activities.”

Do you think without Gau mata, one can achieve this?

Remember, I often share here that

Gau out = Desert In
Desert In = Desert Religion In (Islam/Christianity)

Soil health card may be good way to track soil nutrients but it is useless if you cannot understand value of cow in maintaining soil health. Soil health does not only mean NPK! Or Organic matter. It mean Prana! and only Gau mata can provide Prana!!

Not only carbon cycle, Gau mata has potential to stabilize all natural cycles!! She is medium via which we should embrace primordial prana i.e. Sun


WVU researcher uncovers influence of microorganisms on soil carbon storage

With more than 7 billion microorganisms in the soil, it’s no surprise we still have a lot to learn about them and their impact on the environment. A West Virginia University researcher is uncovering critical information about these tiny organisms under our feet, which although small, can have a huge impact on the environment.

Ember Morrissey, assistant professor of environmental microbiology in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, received a $150,000 grant from National Science Foundation’s Division of Environmental Biology’s Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research program, known as EAGER, to increase understanding of the behavior of microorganisms in the soil to provide descriptions of microbial function that currently aren’t available.

Morrissey’s research will lay the groundwork needed to figure out how soil can be managed to address environment-related processes and issues, including global warming and climate change.

Of particular interest for Morrissey and other researchers is the ability to formulate more precise predictions of microorganisms’ carbon cycling, or how they use and create carbon, a key to combatting climate change.

“Soil stores a large fraction of the earth’s carbon – actually more carbon than the atmosphere and biosphere combined,” Morrissey explained. “Microorganisms break down and consume this carbon as they live and grow, converting it into the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

“Consequently, the activity of microorganisms in soil has the potential to alleviate or worsen climate change, so we need to form predictions regarding their activities.”


No cow, No Freedom


By not protecting Gau – Govt is inviting slavery.

No cow -> No food -> Food dependency -> Slavery

Cow slaughter

Everyone is fed up with chemical farming. Mindless rape of soil is reaping results across the globe. There are hardly any vital nutrients left in mother’s breast (soil). The outer 3 cm layer of farm land, critical for any crop, is either vanished or polluted, full of toxins. Cancer for farmers and thousand different versions of sickness for food consumers.

At this juncture, only Gau mata (गौ माँ) can help धरती माँ. Her gobar, urine, milk, ghee – only medicine for cure.

This is not rocket science. Go and experiment in farm (or in terrace garden). I am doing it for last 5 years now. I not only get highest yield (above national avg) for any crop planted but also full of nutrition. Both quality and quantity. One south Indian friend’s family stopped eating rice because it was causing Vayu. Can you imagine? Someone stopping lifeline food? For last couple of years, they consume our rice. No Vayu effects felt in last 2 years. In fact, his 85 years old mother now eat the rice ( Vayu is predominant in old age). That is the impact of गौ माँ in just 5 years of experiments. Mind you – We don’t use even a single spray of chemical fertilizer or pesticide.

Also, it is cow based Zero budget farming that can save farmers from debt and not the Govt loans and waivers which ultimate make Monsanto like monster’s fat profit.

Cow-slaughter is not just mere about sentiments of Hindus. It is more than that. Entire agriculture in cow-belt (which is largest geographical region of Bharat) depends upon mother’s existence. So if we say Govt is not doing anything because it is Hindutva agenda, you are missing vital link.

No cows -> no agriculture -> no food -> food dependency -> Slavery

Be ready for it as State is sleeping and people are busy in their own zombie living.

Cow Milk is Enough for daily Iodine intake: There is NO Alternative



Tata,Reliance and every other Salt Giant in India talks of Iodine in the salts they make. From Doctors, dietitians to Govt of India, everyone go gaga over Iodine salt.

How healthy it is?

As per this report, cooking with Iodine salt and chlorinated tap water creates toxins!

It is always good to use Sendha Namak/Rock Salt for daily salt requirement in cooking.

The Salt Game : Iodine salt with chlorinated tap water creates Toxins

So what if not salt? How do we get Iodine intake?

Well, I was taught by my grand-parents that गौ-दुग्ध is सम्पूर्ण आहार. So I take help of गौ माता.

I am not talking about pasteurized dairy milk but raw milk from desi bos indicus cows giving A2 milk as prasad.

Here is the interesting study showing link between Iodine and Cow milk.

Consumers of milk-alternative drinks may be at of risk iodine deficiency, according to the findings of a new study.

This study might be talking about Iodine but it is not just about it! As i said,  गौ-दुग्ध is सम्पूर्ण आहार. Cow milk is the complete diet.

This will help you to understand:

  1. Why raw cow milk is must during pregnancy?
  2. Why raw cow milk is must for kids in growth phase (up to age 12)
  3. How cow milk can play role in chronic hormonal imbalance symptoms


Milk-alternative drinks do not replace the iodine in cows’ milk

Consumers of milk-alternative drinks may be at of risk iodine deficiency, according to the findings of a new study in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Consumers of milk-alternative drinks may be at of risk iodine deficiency, according to the findings of a new study in the British Journal of Nutrition.

In the first study of its kind in the United Kingdom, researchers from the University of Surrey examined the iodine content of 47 milk-alternative drinks (including soya, almond, coconut, oat, rice, hazelnut and hemp, but excluding those marketed specifically at infants and children) and compared it with that of cows’ milk.

Researchers discovered that the majority of milk-alternative drinks did not have adequate levels of iodine, with concentration levels found to be around 2% of that found in cows’ milk. Cows’ milk and dairy products are the main source of iodine in the UK diet however findings from the study show that most milk-alternative drinks are not an adequate substitute.

Iodine is required to make thyroid hormones, and is particularly important during pregnancy as it is essential for normal foetal brain development. Previous research in this area by the University of Surrey has shown that low iodine status in pregnant mothers is linked to lower IQ and reading scores in their children (up to 9 years of age).

Iodine concentration of milk-alternative drinks available in the UK in comparison with cows’ milk

Iodine deficiency is present in certain groups of the UK population, notably in pregnant women; this is of concern as iodine is required for fetal brain development. UK milk is rich in iodine and is the principal dietary iodine source. UK sales of milk-alternative drinks are increasing but data are lacking on their iodine content. As consumers may replace iodine-rich milk with milk-alternative drinks, we aimed to measure the iodine concentration of those available in the UK. Using inductively coupled plasma-MS, we determined the iodine concentration of seven types of milk-alternative drink (soya, almond, coconut, oat, rice, hazelnut and hemp) by analysing forty-seven products purchased in November/December 2015. For comparison, winter samples of conventional (n 5) and organic (n 5) cows’ milk were included. The median iodine concentration of all of the unfortified milk-alternative drinks (n 44) was low, at 7·3 μg/kg, just 1·7 % of our value for winter conventional cows’ milk (median 438 μg/kg). One brand (not the market leader), fortified its soya, oat and rice drinks with iodine and those drinks had a higher iodine concentration than unfortified drinks, at 280, 287 and 266 μg/kg, respectively. The iodine concentration of organic milk (median 324 μg/kg) was lower than that of conventional milk. Although many milk-alternative drinks are fortified with Ca, at the time of this study, just three of forty-seven drinks were fortified with iodine. Individuals who consume milk-alternative drinks that are not fortified with iodine in place of cows’ milk may be at risk of iodine deficiency unless they consume alternative dietary iodine sources.

Pseudo Science: Clinical trials for Proven Drugs?

I really feel pity when educated Indians demand clinical trials data for ageless healthy traditions like Panchgavya.
Despite clinical trials, so many modern pharma medicines have failed. There is absolutely no control over side-effects. And this after the fact that origin of about 75% of antimicrobial and 60% of anticancer drugs approved for clinical use from 1981 to 2002 could be traced back to nature[1] ! Yes, despite mimicry of the nature, modern pharma act stupidly!
And we demand clinical trials for nature’s cure? 😀 😀
Sorry I don’t waste time in designing trials for Mother’s love (Panchgavya) when they are already helping many without any side-effect!
If you want to know out of curiosity, I can help but if you begin with doubt, no time for it. (Y) 🙂

COW ANTIBODIES for AIDS protection



If I say, “using cow antibodies as टीका is ancient practice of this land.”, most of educated Indians will runaway by mocking it ! 🙂
Well, that is the response of brainwashing done by modern education. I don’t pass this as blanket judgement. I can show you many examples with documentary proofs which will reiterate my firm belief about highly advanced society of Bharat.

Here is one more from the field of medical science.

Our text books teach us that smallpox vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner in 1798.

Then how come Dr. J. Z. Holwell, M.D., F.R.S. recorded common practice of small pox Vaccination across Bharat in 1767?

See, this level of brainwashing happens by school text books. And once a firm belief is imprinted in your kid’s mind that ‘Everything Indians is primitive and in inventions happen only in Europe’, you cannot stop them surrendering to the system designed to keep them slaves. And slaves cannot innovate genuinely. 🙂


“Holwell claimed that when the inoculation regime was strictly followed, it is next to a miracle to hear that it ‘failed in one in a million’. He added that since “this practice of the East has been followed without variation, and with uniform success from the remotest known times, it is but justice to conclude, it must have been originally founded on the basis of rational principles and experiment.”

A doctor publishes paper on Smallpox in 1767 and Edward Jenner inventing it in 1798 – mere coincidence? 😀


Just for you to observe: Traditional Cow shepherd community’s children relatively more healthier then rest.

Do you know reason?

Their affinity with mother Gau. Mother’s teats is breeding ground for harmless but essential viruses (including smallpox). When kids are playing with calf and gau, they go exposed to them early in age which naturally help them build immunity.

In Ancient Gurukul system, when child is admitted to school, he has to serve in Gau shala. Needless to mention reason i.e. to build their immunity 🙂

I have also seen in some community where dermal kit is prepared from dung and urine of cow using black thread and cloth and is tied on shoulder of the newborn. This also works as vaccination like modern days dermal hormone therapies.

But now our so called scholar movie script writers tell us that worshiping cows is wrong number 😀

I don’t ask you to blindly accepting what I am sharing. Do your independent study and you will find the same facts I am finding. (y) 🙂



“One approach to a preventive HIV vaccine involves trying to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies in healthy people, but so far the experiments have been unsuccessful, in both human and animal studies,” said Sok, the study’s first author. “This experiment demonstrates that not only is it possible to produce these antibodies in animals, but we can do so reliably, quickly, and using a relatively simple immunization strategy when given in the right setting.”

All four cows immunized with BG505 SOSIP elicited bnAbs to HIV within 35-52 days. In comparison, it takes HIV-positive humans multiple years to develop comparable responses, and only 5-15% even develop them at all.

Cows cannot be infected with HIV, of course. But these findings illuminate a new goal for HIV vaccine researchers: by increasing the number of human antibodies with long loops, we might have an easier chance of eliciting protective bnAbs by vaccination.

There is no  doubt that cows’ ability to produce bNAbs against a complicated pathogen like HIV in a matter of weeks, highlights even broader significance, particularly for emerging pathogens.

“Scientific innovations like this are what propel the field forward,” said IAVI CEO Mark Feinberg. “This surprising set of results warrants further exploration and has potential applications not only to HIV prevention and treatment, but to the rapid development of antibodies and vaccines against other infectious diseases.”

Rapid elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV by immunization in cows

No immunogen to date has reliably elicited broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV in humans or animal models. Advances in the design of immunogens (BG505 SOSIP) that antigenically mimic the HIV envelope glycoprotein (Env)1 have improved the elicitation of potent isolate-specific antibody responses in rabbits2 and macaques3, but so far failed to induce broadly neutralizing antibodies. One possible contributor to this failure is that the relevant antibody repertoires are poorly suited to target somewhat occluded conserved epitope regions on Env relative to exposed variable epitopes. To test this hypothesis, we immunized four cows with BG505 SOSIP. The antibody repertoire of cows contains long third heavy chain complementarity determining regions (HCDR3) with an ultralong subset that can reach over 70 amino acids in length4–9. Remarkably, BG505 SOSIP immunization resulted in rapid elicitation of broad and potent serum antibody responses in all four cows. Longitudinal serum analysis for one cow showed the development of neutralization breadth (20%, n = 117 cross-clade isolates) in 42 days and 96% breadth (n = 117) at 381 days. A monoclonal antibody isolated from this cow harboured an ultralong HCDR3 of 60 amino acids and neutralized 72% of cross-clade isolates (n = 117) with a potent median IC50value of 0.028 μg ml−1. We note that breadth was elicited with a single trimer immunogen and did not require additional envelope diversity. Immunization of cows may provide an avenue to rapidly generate antibody prophylactics and therapeutics to address disease agents that have evolved to avoid human antibody responses.

Cow Slaughter and Collapse of Decentralized Economy : Oil Mills


Ghani CowOil

Slaughter of cows did not only ruin cow-keeper community but also made traditional oil mill extinct.

An oil-rich seed such as sesame seed or groundnut yields about 5 percent less oil in a ghani than in a modern expeller, mainly because of insufficient pressure.

For mere 5% more, we sacrificed great self-sustaining nature friendly vocation.

At the cost of?

1) Fresh oil (When ghani crushing was widespread, fresh oil was in greater demand than it is today. Like all spices and grain-flours, oil was produced on daily usage basis. Unlike our present retarded hoarding habit.)

2) Flavour, which was traditionally an important attribute of all oils, and particularly of rape and mustard, coconut, groundnut and safflower oils, was best in oils produced from mild ghani crushing.

3) Both storage quality and nutritive value were perceived as being high. Free of preservatives and yet long shelf life. Unlike our retarded usage of refined oil with full of preservatives.(Since vegetable oils are naturally sterile, problems of hygiene in ghani oil are unlikely. Turnover of oil in the home is so rapid, and usage of oil in India so low, that oxidative and lipolytic deterioration resulting from storage is also insignificant. )

Btw, our prime minister is from traditional ghanchi community (Oil millers).


1) Empower cow-keepers by investing in their oil mill units run by good strong bull-breeding. Find out existing old method oil mills, appreciate them and always buy from them.

2) Until traditional oil-mills come up on societal surface, buy mechanical oil extractor and extract daily usage oil.

3) Like oil, make habit of grinding daily flour and spices manually or semi-mechanically. Good exercise. Good involvement of all family members in cooking. Good for health and wealth.

गौ सेवा vs Cow Slaugther/Milking



In Bharatiya culture (संस्कृति), Gau is worshiped. Her calf is also worshiped. They are never separated. Take any visual depiction, calf will always be there.

On the other hand, greedy dairy industry, promoted and supported by we the moron society, separates calf from mother within 24 hrs.

Here is the paper that talks about detrimental impact. The stress induced in both mother and calf make them immunological weak.

“Research has shown that the early social environment affects behaviour, stress reactivity and the ability to cope with different challenges in various animal species,” says project leader Susanne Waiblinger from the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare. Waiblinger and first author Kathrin Wagner studied these effects in dairy cows. A previously published substudy by the researchers already showed that rearing with maternal contact gives rise to adults with higher social competence.

Animals reared with maternal contact are more active in stress situations
“Cattle are herd animals. As expected, all animals, whether they were reared with or without mothers, produced higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol when being isolated from the herd, ” Waiblinger explains. Cattle which grew up with their mothers expressed the highest levels of cortisol during isolation, but the heart rate measured in these animals was the lowest. Waiblinger explains: “There are fundamentally different reaction types. Some animals respond to stress situations with an increased heart rate, others produce cortisol. It is possible that the different rearing treatments result in different reaction types.”

So those friends who while looking at modern dairy, criticizing ancient gau-seva practices are wrong. They should correct their stand and be open about symbiotic relation between humans and Bos Indicus. I am completely against domesticating wild species like Bos Taurus (European exotic breed).

Mother yielding milk under stress is as good as poison.

Side note

अमानवीय गौ व्यवहार
संवत्सरीणं पय उस्रियायास्तस्य माशीद्यातुधानो नृचक्ष: ।
पीयूषमग्ने यतमस्तितृप्सात् तं प्रत्यञ्चमर्चिषा विध्य मर्मन् ।। RV10.87.17,AV8.3.17

जो अमानवीय ढंग से गौ का दोहन साल भर करते हैं, (गर्भ मे पल रहे बछड़े का ध्यान नहीं करते) जो नवजात बछड़े को पीयूष ( आरम्भ के दूध का भी स्वयं उपयोग करते हैं ,उन की इस प्रकार की प्रतिकूल भावनाओं का सात्विक यज्ञादि करने से निराकरण होता है.

• विष तुल्य गोदुग्ध
विषं गवां यातुधाना: पिबन्त्वा वृश्च्यन्तामदितये दुरेवा: ।
परैनान् देवो सविता ददातु परा भागमोषधीनां जयन्ताम् ।। RV10.87.18 AV8.3.16

इस प्रकार से जबरन प्राप्त किया गया दूध विष समान होता है. ऐसे दूध के सेवन से अनेक असाध्य रोग उत्पन्न हो जाते हैं . ऐसे लोग गौशाला में यज्ञादि कर के दूध मे ओषधि तत्व को भी बढ़ा पाएंगे. विष तुल्य दूध को सुधारना तथा गोमूत्रादि का पान भी करना चाहिए .

[Extracted from the works of Subodh Kumar ji, research scholar on ‘Cows in Vedas’]


Effects of mother versus artificial rearing during the first 12 weeks of life on challenge responses of dairy cows


We investigated the effects of mother versus artificial rearing on the responses to a social and a non-social challenge in adulthood. Rearing of treatment groups only differed during the first 12 weeks of life. Artificially reared animals were separated from their mothers within 24 h after birth and fed via an automatic milk feeder six times (A6, n = 6) or twice (A2, n = 5) a day. They were housed together with calves suckled by their mothers twice a day for 15 min (M2, n = 9) or with permanent access to the cow barn and thus to their mothers and the cow herd via selection gates (MP, n = 6). After weaning animals of all rearing treatments were kept together until integration into the dairy cow herd. About 4.5 months after calving (age 31 ± 1.4 months), cows were subjected to an isolation test and two novel objects tests (first: traffic cone, second: ball). ANOVA (behaviour; heart rate of novel object tests) and GLMM (heart rate and cortisol responses to isolation) were used for statistical analyses. During isolation, MP cows were more active: they walked significantly longer (P = 0.036), tended to enter more squares in the middle area of the test arena (P = 0.059), and to explore the arena or the outer environment for longer (P = 0.056) than cows of the other three treatments. In addition, MP and A6 cows had the lowest mean heart rate during isolation, whereas after return into the herd the MP cows showed the lowest heart rate. Cortisol levels differed between groups dependent on sampling time (P = 0.001), with MP cows having the lowest basal values but the highest after the isolation test. In the novel object tests, A6 cows tended to explore the traffic cone later (P = 0.051), focused the ball earlier (P = 0.040) and tended to use the area farther away from the ball more often than cows of the other three treatments (P = 0.100). These results in 2.5-year-old cows suggest that rearing with permanent access to the mother and the herd increases sociality leading to higher behavioural activity during isolation and affects physiological stress reactions so that they resemble a reactive coping style, while reaction to novel objects in the home environment is not affected by mother rearing.

Early separation of cow and calf has long-term effects on social behaviour

Calves of dairy cows are generally separated from their mothers within the first 24 hours after birth. The majority of the milk thus enters the food market and not the stomachs of the calves. However, growing up without a mother has consequences. Scientists at the Vetmeduni Vienna studied the long-term effects of early maternal deprivation. Their study shows that calves which have contact to their mothers or to other cows during rearing become more sociable adults. The results of the study were published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science  

Cow Slaughter, Ghee, Fire Ritual and Weather Patterns



Rain rain, untimely rain again . From Kashmir to Kanya kumari 🙁

#BeefBan Banning cow slaughter is not mere about sentiments. Weather pattern of this land depends upon her.

धृतं तीव्रं जुहोतन ( यजु 3 2)
In holy fire, sacrifice ghee, the one that destroys all imperfections.
Use ghee for success of sacrifice. What is success measure?

निकामे निकामे नः पर्जन्यो वर्षन्तु
Timely and moderate rain.

Shakti peethams and Jyotiralingams are specific energy centers where when sacrificial ritual using गौ सहाय are performed regularly, monsoon and other seasons bestow life-enriching, famine-free, flood-free for consecutive years for Bharat. Evenly distributed tirth-Sthans(s) and never-ending sacrificial rituals at each location, play critical role in controlling weather patterns. Ghee is now procured from dairy, unethical practices, torture to Gau and her calves so rituals don’t bear fruits.

To counter the attack of artificial weather control (Google HAARP to know how US AirForce can control weather), only Gau will help. This may sound superlative and out of mind claim but understand this: Without गौ, this is impossible. Please note. If this is little difficult to digest, I suggest you to leave house and go for Tirth Yatra. Then only present your arguments here.🙂

11081255_396870787104502_4735883756030736092_n 11098006_396870597104521_4105335371577819784_n

Cows are Indra : Her Prasad, Potent cure



No sight gladdened the eye of the vedic Bharatiya more than the cow returning from the pasture, and licking her calf; no sound was more musical to his ear than the lowing of milch kine.

इमा या गाव: स जनास इन्द्र। “ये गाएं ही इन्द्र हैं|”

Dare we ignore incarnation of abundance – The Holy Cow!


No automatic alt text available.

Dare we ignore incarnation of abundance(कामधेनु) – The Holy Cow and blissfully invite poverty and diseases like dire conditions for Nation!

When you talk about Cow as Incarnation of ‘Abundance’ to unsympathetic critics of Hinduism, they often prompt frivolous doubts like:
What is the practical import of ancient Vedic religious codes at present day? They were designed and suited for ancient living in early phase of civilization. Any attempt to make these Vedic rituals relevant in present time is utopian and quixotic. And they are not tested by science (:))

This attitude is common and prevailing in modern Hindus. Not only for Cow but for all rituals. Their education alienates them from their roots without being dwelt into scientific enquiry and experiments.

I consider this as utter inefficiency usage of brain.

MIND YOU! Cow protection is not a question of culture preservation or national reconstruction based on traditions; it is simply not a movement towards generating pride in Indian traditions. COW PROTECTION IS IMPERATIVE NECESSITY IN CURRENT STRESSFUL TIME, to once again trace back salutary practices of our Golden past.
Vedic civilization is unique in chequered history of the world. Many civilizations came and disappeared like midnight meteors. Nation rose and fell with their local historical settings. Despite alien intrusion and national sub-ordination, we still stand high, all thanks to faith in local culture.

To bring back National Glory, have guts in belly to decipher and protect Kamdhenu, incarnation of ‘Abundance’. If you don’t have guts, don’t spit venom like ‘Buffalo is better than Cow’ or ‘Cow is just another animal’ and devalue her value in Indian society. By doing that, you invite dire consequences for future generation.

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