Child Development

Child Development

Environment, Microbes and Ashthma


“We should be rolling in the dirt, gardening, wrestling with some brambles and skinning animals for supper. These are important immune system builders.”
~ Joel Salatin

“What a child is doing when he puts things in his mouth is allowing his immune response to explore his environment. Not only does this allow for ‘practice’ of immune responses, which will be necessary for protection, but it also plays a critical role in teaching the immature immune response what is best ignored.”
~ Mary Ruebush PhD
It may come as a surprise to many of us living in cities but this is the fact. Lack of healthy dirt (dirt/soil without chemicals) means lack of exposure to environment needed to nurture our immunity.
This results into Asthama.

Solution (As per my experience and observation)?

Visit Desi Cow’s Gau shala with Asthama patient. Spend time with Gobar. See the magic.
Let kids play in homely dirt.
Do not over-kill home bacteria by over-use of hand-wash, floor cleaner and all.
Children who grow up in environments that afford them a wide range of microbial exposures, such as traditional farms, are protected from childhood asthma and atopy. In previous studies, markers of microbial exposure have been inversely related to these conditions.


Exposure to Environmental Microorganisms and Childhood Asthma


Children living on farms were exposed to a wider range of microbes than were children in the reference group, and this exposure explains a substantial fraction of the inverse relation between asthma and growing up on a farm. (Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the European Commission.)

Parental Obsession : Physical Growth (Height and Weight) Worry


Krishna Fighting

I am a parent. New and learning. I meet parents in my league to discuss and observe their issues and try to find solution for my confusions and doubts.

One worry that bites almost all parents is about height and weight of the kid. They put so much attention on vital figures related to height and weight, that pediatricians surrender and prescribe weight gain feeding formulas.

Parents see result. Now their kid is growing fast after starting feeding formula.

What they forget it, by adding supplements in diet, kid will start ignoring real food. This may lead to malnutrition as feeding formula does not come with all necessary nutrients. Also, it is dead food. It is artificial composition. Kid may not digest it fully. Kid can digest best what her feeding mother can or his/her extended family can.

Malnutrition leads to mineral and vitamin deficiency. You are all educated and understand mineral and vitamin deficiency very well.

My point is: Your concern is valid but do not be paranoid about it. Focus on balanced diet. Have patience. Kid’s body is working hard to gel with environment by activating and de-activating genes combination. Feeding formula is not the answer. Mother’s breast-feed up to 2 years will give them immunity boosters. Mother’s breast-feed will give them antibody markers.

If you really want to improve things,

Try to find out organically grown food.
Try to find out ethically procured desi gau milk.
Try to include variety of grains in diet.
Rely on local food.

At the end, look at this picture associated with the post. Those who look strong in outer look are not the strongest always. 🙂 I hope you got the message. Focus on building real stuff in them. Stronger mind, strong values and balanced diet.

Human Childhood : Special Childhood



Humans have the longest childhood of any animal on the planet. Neural circuits started forming before you were born, and so extended brain development continues during childhood.

Childhood is a time when children need love, affection, care. It is extended pregnancy for mother, helped by other family members.

If you want your kid to unveil his/her potentially fully, take care of their childhood. Take care of them like they are in womb for at least 5-6 years. Do not give them stress. Do not scold them. Whatever you want them to learn, demonstrate in your activities. They are great learners .Do not impose your mentality on them. Give them free space to breathe.

Does your child respect food?


Biggest misery of life is when you are disconnected from food origin, when you do not give respect to food on plate. Eating with attention towards food is a criminal neglect. Neglect for billion+ body cells who expect you you eat proper so that they can survive.

At meals, take a moment to reflect on where your food came from. For example, if you were focusing on the wheat in a slice of roti, you could imagine it growing in the fields and being harvested, threshed, stored, ground into flour, baked into loaves, all before arriving on your plate. You can go pretty far with this in just a few seconds.

You might also imagine some of the people who helped turn this wheat into your bread, and the equipment and technology involved, as well as our ancient ancestors who slowly figured out how to domesticate wild grains.

Respect and attention for food cycle will transform entire digestion process divine. All your billion body cells sake, focus on food. Revere all who made it possible for you. Thank you all before you take first bite.

Remember, your parents still surrender food to God, Animals, plants and pitru-पितृतर्पण (forefathers) before eating it. That is the sensible way of eating.

Try it.

TV in childhood, Metabolic Syndromes in Adulthood


Television viewing and low leisure-time physical activity in adolescence independently predict the metabolic syndrome in mid-adulthood.

I spent my teen age in 90s. Arrival of cable TV and flood of private TV channels. Time spent in front of TV has increased dramatically from my generation. And that might be the reason why so many of my generation suffer from one or another metabolic disorder (from Inability of digest nutrition to indigestion – resulted into life style problems like diabetes and blood pressure).

TV viewing at age 16 years was linked to central obesity, low HDL cholesterol, and hypertension at age 43 years.

You will be considered foolish parents of the 21st century if you repeat the mistake. Reduce TV at home to almost ZERO hrs if you don’t want your kid suffering from severe problems in his/her 40s.


Television viewing and low leisure-time physical activity in adolescence independently predict the metabolic syndrome in mid-adulthood.

Both TV viewing and low leisure-time physical activity in adolescence independently predicted the metabolic syndrome and several of the metabolic syndrome components in mid-adulthood. These findings suggest that reduced TV viewing in adolescence, in addition to regular physical activity, may contribute to cardiometabolic health later in life.

Unstable Mind and Uncontrolled Vak : Parenting Disaster


All your thoughts, feelings and actions influence the unconscious mind of your child. I said, all. Whatever you present before your children, even when they are infants, makes its impression. Younger they are, long lasting impression is! In fact, the child begins to learn even before it is born. All the thoughts that enter the mind of the mother while the child is still growing within her womb, impinge upon the mind of the child.

Thus it is great responsibility for a married couple to bring forth souls, to provide what is needed for their physical and mental well-being, to prepare them for the society, and to encourage their spiritual evolution. These are mandatory duties of marriage parents.

When you understand that nature has given you this tremendous project, and you pursue the project diligently, the rewards are great the joys are intense.

But, can this be possible in a home and family where TV occupies most of evening hours, morning starts with FM radio’s half baked dimwit comments, food is served in haste, outside eating is norm and there is least care about child’s perception management?

Children learn from parents. Unless you set an example, there is no hope.
Sacrifice your bad habits for the future of the nation i.e. your child. Until your kid reaches friendship age i.e. teen, you are no 1 role model. Be a responsible parent.

Summer Vacation and Information Overload



One friend says: “TV teaches me great things. For example, Dicovery channel. Until its arrival, we were not knowing so many great things about the world! It is great help for education and learning!”

I replied: “Do you know, how many plants grow in your neighborhood? ground water level in your area? Number of rain water harvesting facilities in your area? Sources of vegetables and fruits that your eat?

What is the use of hollow global information overload when we are utterly ignorant about facts which directly impact our life?

What should be our priority? 🙂

Life is limited. Use it wisely. 🙂

Summer vacation going on. So many summer camps, projects and information grabbing opportunities for children.

What is worth and what is not worth of your kid’s precious, limited, growth period?

Information or Practical aspects?

What is the use of knowing 10 types of monkeys from Africa’s jungle when a kid is afraid of monkey sitting at rooftop?

High-Fat Junk diet, Kids and Brain development


HIGH FAT DIET =>> REDUCED GLUCOSE for BRAIN ==> Slow Learning and impaired memory.

How high fat junk diet reduces potential of your brain to support mind? And in turn, shape you as future moron.

A high-fat diet of three days in mice leads to a reduction in the amount of glucose that reaches the brain.

High-fat-content foods throw our bodies out of kilter. Obesity and diseases such as type 2 diabetes can be the result. But what does a high-fat diet actually do to our brain? Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne have looked into the brains of mice to understand how obesity and diabetes develop.


Myeloid-Cell-Derived VEGF Maintains Brain Glucose Uptake and Limits Cognitive Impairment in Obesity

“A high-fat diet reduces the uptake of blood glucose into the brain in as little as three days. So the brain is starving, even though the mice are consuming a lot of calories daily. Responsible for this is the protein GLUT-1, which is the most important glucose transporter at the blood-brain barrier,” explained Alexander Jais, author of the study. Possible triggers for the reduction of the GLUT-1 transporter are free saturated fatty acids that have a toxic effect on the cells of the blood-brain barrier. The brain lacks glucose in significant areas: the hypothalamus, which controls metabolism, and the cerebral cortex, responsible for learning and memory.


  • Acute high-fat feeding suppresses GLUT1 expression at the blood-brain barrier (BBB)
  • Macrophages at the BBB increase VEGF expression upon prolonged HFD feeding
  • Inducible GLUT1 deletion in brain endothelial cells leads to increased VEGF secretion
  • Myeloid-cell-specific disruption of VEGF impairs cognitive function in obesity


High-fat diet (HFD) feeding induces rapid reprogramming of systemic metabolism. Here, we demonstrate that HFD feeding of mice downregulates glucose transporter (GLUT)-1 expression in blood-brain barrier (BBB) vascular endothelial cells (BECs) and reduces brain glucose uptake. Upon prolonged HFD feeding, GLUT1 expression is restored, which is paralleled by increased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in macrophages at the BBB. In turn, inducible reduction of GLUT1 expression specifically in BECs reduces brain glucose uptake and increases VEGF serum concentrations in lean mice. Conversely, myeloid-cell-specific deletion of VEGF in VEGFΔmyel mice impairs BBB-GLUT1 expression, brain glucose uptake, and memory formation in obese, but not in lean mice. Moreover, obese VEGFΔmyel mice exhibit exaggerated progression of cognitive decline and neuroinflammation on an Alzheimer’s disease background. These experiments reveal that transient, HFD-elicited reduction of brain glucose uptake initiates a compensatory increase of VEGF production and assign obesity-associated macrophage activation a homeostatic role to restore cerebral glucose metabolism, preserve cognitive function, and limit neurodegeneration in obesity.

Childhood Innate Urge,प्राणिक प्रज्ञता and Bodily Need

baby eating dirt

One of my friends’ daughter has one peculiar habit. She is attracted towards Tulasi like a mad person. As soon as she sniffs Tulasi, she will rush to the plant, pluck few leaves and chew them! This is her daily routine.

This is interesting case. I thought to respond my friend.

First of all – this is not addiction. This is innate urge. Addiction is conscious action. Innate urge is blind natural force driving you! Children below 7 are pure and natural. Their urge is sending important message about body physiology, including Pranamay kosha.

Some infants intuitively eat soil. Some eat lime chalk. They do it due to lack of wholesomeness. They lack something. Some material nutrients and some emotional. Who drives their under-development senses and intellect and take such intelligent decisions?
प्राणमय शरीर.
As we grow, we lose our प्राण. But we hardly get engaged in प्राण refilling. प्राणायाम was not some exclusive fancy exercise that some Baba advertise and we perform in garden or 5 Star resort (call it Ashram 😉 ). Sometimes, we lose more than our refilling capacity so impact is never observed. Since refilling is not happening, we slowly lose our intuitive intelligence. So our Gut feeling or hunch hardly works 🙂 It gives wrong directions. Wrong decisions. Vicious cycle. Day comes when even we cannot perform simple wound healing. Doctors call it Diabetes.
Got it? It is प्राणमय शरीर that takes care अन्नमय कोश. Pay attention to it!
Refilling should be performed for each शुभ action,daily. For all time and mission critical activities, we seek help from friends and relatives and perform Yajna together so overall local environment’s प्राण refilling happen. For example, वास्तु पूजन or सत्यनारायण कथा etc.

Now lets go back to case of Tulasi eating urge.

I see two reasons behind this obsession. It could be either of it or both.

  1. Past life Karma. Some connection with the plant retained in this life. It may go away as the girl will grow up.
  2. Imbalance in Tridosha, balanced accidentally by eating Tulasi and then body recorded it as shortcut. Forcing body to take same action repeatably. Neuro-associative conditioned reactions.

What is Tulasi?

सुरसा तुळसी कृष्णा चक्रपर्णी सुमञ्जरी।
भूतप्रिया नागमाता तुळसी सुरसाग्रणी॥
द्वितीया सुरसा गौरी श्वेता सुरभिमञ्जरी।
श्रीमञ्जरी भूतकेशी तुळसी सुरसाग्रणी॥ (मदननिघण्टु)
सुरसस्तुळसी सुरभी गौरी सुमञ्जरी कृष्णा।
बहुमञ्जर्यलसा श्री भूतघ्नी देव(दुन्दु)भिः सुरसी॥
अपेतराजसी चेति कथ्यतेऽरुचिपत्रिका।
विष्णुप्रिया नागमाता शब्दैः पर्यायवाचकैः॥
एतैरेवोच्यते गौरसुरसो नामकोविदैः।
नामभिर्गौरसंयुक्तैर्यथा स्यात् गौरमञ्जरी॥ (अ.म)
तुळसी सुरसा ग्राम्या सुलभा बहुमञ्जरी।
अपेतराक्षसी गौरी शूलघ्नी देवदुन्दुभिः॥ (भावप्रकाशिका)
तुळसी सुभगा तीव्रा पावनी विष्णुवल्लभा।
सुरेज्या सुरसा ज्ञेया कायस्था सुरदुन्दुभी॥
सुरभिर्बहुपत्री  च मञ्जरी सा हरिप्रिया।
अपेतराक्षसी श्यामा गौरी त्रिदशमञ्जरी॥
भूतघ्नी पूतपत्री च ज्ञेया चैकोनविंशतिः। (राजनिघण्टु)
सुगन्धा तिक्तकटुका कृमिकुष्ठप्रणाशिनी।
कासहिक्काश्वासहरा तुळसी विषनाशिनी॥ (मदननिघण्टु)
तुळसी कटुका तिक्ता हृद्योष्णा दाहपित्तकृत्।
दीपनी कुष्ठकृच्छ्रास्रपार्श्वरुक्कफवातजित्॥
शुक्ळा कृष्णा च तुळसी गुणैस्तुल्या प्रकीर्त्तिता। (भावप्रकाशिका)
तुळसी लघुरुष्णा च रूक्षा कफविनाशिनी
कृमिदोषं निहन्त्येषा रुचिकृत् वह्निदीपनी॥ (धन्वन्तरिनिघण्टु)
तुळसी कटुतिक्तोष्णा सुरभिः श्ळेष्मवातजित्।
जन्तुभूतकृमिहरा रुचिकृद्वातशान्तिकृत्॥ (राजनिघण्टु)
श्वेता कृष्णा च तुळसी कटूष्णा चोषणा जगुः।
दाहपित्तकरी हृद्या तुवरा ह्यग्निदीपिका॥
लघ्वी वातकफश्वासकासहिध्माकृमीन् जयेत्।
वान्तिदौर्गन्ध्यकुष्ठानि पार्श्वशूलविषापहा॥
मूत्रकृच्छ्रं रक्तदोषं भूतबाधां च नाशयेत्।
शूलं ज्वरं च हिक्कां च नाशयेदिति कीर्त्तिता॥ (निघण्टुरत्नाकरः)
तुळसी पित्तकृत् वातकृमिदौर्गन्ध्यनाशिनी।
पार्श्वशूलारतिश्वासकासहिक्काविकारजित्॥ (राजवल्लभः)
तुळसी तुवरा तिक्ता तीक्ष्णोष्णा कटुपाकिनी।
रूक्षा हृद्या लघुः कट्वी दाहपित्ताग्निवर्धनी॥
जयेद् वातकफश्वासकासहिध्मावमिकृमीन्।

Kapha Vinashini – balances Kapha dosha, useful to relieve excess sputum production
Krumidosha, Krumihara – Anti microbial. Tulsi plant is one of the best anti viral herbs of Ayurveda.
Ruchikrut – improves taste, relieves anorexia
Agnivardhini, Vahni Deepani – improves digestion strength
Tuvara – astringent
Tikta – bitter
Hrudya – acts as cardiac tonic, congenial for heart, useful to relieve cholesterol deposition in blood vessels.
Dahavardhini – increases burning sensation
Shwasahara – useful in treatment of asthma and chronic respiratory disorders.
Kasahara – useful in cough and cold
Hidhmahara – useful in repeated hiccups
Vamihara – relieves vomiting
Parshvaruk – relieves pain in flanks
Kushta – useful in skin diseases with pain and itchiness
Visha – anti toxic
Kruchra –relieves difficulty in urination
Ashma – useful in kidney and bladder stones
Druk – useful in infectious eye disorders
Bhutahara – useful in psychiatric disorders
As per Bhavaprakasha, both white and black varieties have similar qualities.

Effect on Tridosha –
Vatahara, Kaphahara – balances Vata and Kapha Dosha
Pittavardhini – increases Pitta dosha

[More detail here :]

Connect the dots. Observe the patient. So now my job is easy. As a case study, I will observe the girl child, determine her Prakriti and validate it with seasoned Vaidhya.

Before you scold your child for addictive obsessive actions, learn to decipher root cause. You will be surprised to find root cause!


Story Telling and Children : You or Your Substitute (Media/Gadgets/TV)?


Who is story teller for your child?

You? Grand parent? Or Salman, Shahrukh, Amir, Akshay, Kangnana, Karina, Madhuri, Rajdeep, Arnab, Ekta kapoor, Paresh Rawal?

You or your substitute TV?

If it is TV, critical development process is hampered.

Among the advice new parents receive is to read to their babies early and often. The hope is that sharing books together will help children’s language development and eventually, turn them into successful readers. But still, so many parents allow kids spending more time in front of screens(TV, Tablet,Phone). 🙁
Reading story to your kids is critical. Passive reading from tablet, TV and phone won’t help. Your presence is needed most. Your narration is the magic. Connecting your brain with theirs.
Brain areas supporting mental imagery showed particularly strong activation, suggesting that visualization plays a key role in narrative comprehension and reading readiness, allowing children to “see” the story. “This becomes increasingly important as children advance from books with pictures to books without them, where they must imagine what is going on in the text,” Dr. Hutton said.
I will go one step further based on my experience: Enact first. Perform the story. If needed, take help of other objects and persons. But act. Enact stories by verbal tones and acting. Later, repeat same story by reading from books. Wonderful support for growing minds.

MRI shows association between reading to young children and brain activity

Study provides new evidence that book-sharing in early childhood may promote brain development supporting reading readiness

Reading with children starting in infancy gives lasting literacy boost

New research shows that reading books with a child beginning in early infancy can boost vocabulary and reading skills four years later, before the start of elementary school.

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