Child Development

Child Development

Child Planning and Autism: Prevent at roots

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child’s life.

Communication skills, mental skills, social skills are all related to मन. Disturbed मन is closely associated with Vayu Prakruti. Typical health problems include headaches, hypertension, dry coughs, sore throats, earaches, anxiety, irregular heart rhythms, muscle spasms, lower back pain, constipation, abdominal gas, diarrhea, nervous stomach, menstrual cramps, premature ejaculation and other sexual dys-functions, arthritis. Most neurological disorders are related to Vata imbalance.

Technological distractions, toxic food, sexual indulgence at early age is turning youth into VATA heavy individuals. So most youth at the age of progeny generation are Vata heavy. So do their children. On top of it, infants receive tons of Toxins in Vaccines. So Apana is always aggravated. This is results in unimagined mental disorders.

Ideally, in newborn, due to their grown requirement, Kapha is predominant over Pitta and Vayu is never predominant.

Prevent at conception
Prevent at conception

Some suggestions for newly wed couples.

1) Be at peace always before you plan for child. No mental agitation of any kind. No office stress. No relation issues. No family quarrels.

2) Be cheerful. Remain more in nature. Cultivate your motherly qualities before you actually become mother and father.

3) Eat more and more Kapha-pradhan food. And less Vayu-pradhan food.

4) Avoid late night movies, parties and have regular sound sleep. Follow same during pregnancies.

5) Processed food, toxins, stale food will aggravate Vayu so avoid it.

All these suggestions to follow at least 6 months before you plan for a baby.

Famine of child attention: Invitation to Autism

Attention, Interactions
Attention, Interactions


From birth, babies appear both ready and motivated (albeit in rudimentary form) to communicate and share meaning with others. By 2 months of age, infants engage in complex, highly responsive interactions with their parents.

So essentially after 2 months, they demand continuous interactions. Can we imagine their utter shock when their parents ignore the demand and continue focus on smartphones and other gadgets?

Neglect hampers emotional development. Infant may not register the shock due to lack of language but surely there is negative imprints.

While your kid is awake, be with him/her. Let there be at least one family member taking care of communication needs.

(Parental neglect -> Developmental stress -> Leaky GUT -> Absorption of toxins in blood/brain)

The “Refrigerator Mother” Hypothesis of Autism

The difference between the plight of prisoners in a concentration camp and the conditions which lead to autism and schizophrenia in children is, of course, that the child has never had a previous chance to develop much of a personality.

We didn’t evolve with easy distractions such as TV, shopping malls, iPhones, etc. and so we didn’t evolve countermeasures to being extremely neglected during the crucial first few months / years of life. Even in the case of maternal death the tribe would look after an infant. It’s only now in the modern, western, suburban world that a woman can put an infant in a crib and ignore it as she focuses on herself.

The “refrigerator mother” hypothesis which gained popularity in the 1940s only fell out of vogue in the 60s-70s due to pressure from feminism and its assertion that women are perfect and may never be criticized. The actual evidence against it, as well as evidence for a genetic cause of autism, is scarce. Science has been shamed into losing its objectivity here, as is so often the case. For example cannabis is only now escaping stigma and prohibition based on a few flawed studies, and the studies which have recently shed light on the substance were restricted for decades, if allowed at all.



15 harmful effects of TV on children


This article suggest 15 harmful effects of TV on children

Children-watching-televis-006 img src:
img src:

Is it worth to pursue even information served by channels like Discovery and NetGeo? Costly affair! 🙂

• Obesity. A result of little exercise.
• Disrupted hormones. Light from televisions suppresses production of the key hormone melatonin.
• Lowered immune system. Reduced melatonin may increase the chance of mutations in cell DNA, which causes cancer.
• Premature puberty. Also linked to low levels of melatonin.
• Sleep disorders. Over-stimulating the senses causes sleeplessness.
• Autism. Linked to a lack of social interaction.
• Increased body fat. Altered levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin produce fat and boost appetite.
• Poor concentration. Development of brain cells governing attention span is impaired.
• Difficulty reading. A result of poor intellectual stimulation while young.
• Type 2 diabetes – From eating high-calorie food while watching TV.
• Changes to skin immune cells. Waves emitted by sets are linked to changes in skin ‘mast’ cells.
• Increased cholesterol. A result of an inactive childhood.
• Slower metabolism. Watching TV may slow the metabolism more than simply doing nothing • Shortsightedness. Staring at a screen can lead to eye damage.
• Alzheimer’s Disease. Heavy viewing linked to increased risk.


The Gut – Brain Axis and Roots of Inflamed brain

Gut Microbes - Depression
Gut Microbes – Depression
Gut Microbes - Depression
Gut Microbes – Depression

Inflammation is your body’s first line of defense against infection and injury. This process normally shuts down after healing occurs.
But trouble can arise when the inflammation process gets stuck “on” and doesn’t know when to stop.
Then inflammation can turn on your body, attacking healthy cells, blood vessels, and tissues instead of protecting them.
This is called chronic or systemic inflammation.
You can develop chronic inflammation anywhere in the body — including the brain.
Unlike the inflammation of an injury or arthritis, brain inflammation doesn’t cause pain since the brain has no pain receptors.
But that doesn’t mean it’s not there, causing hidden damage to your most vital organ.

As per this[1]  research, depression is linked to brain inflammation.

As per this[2] research, Gut microbes protects against brain inflammation.

Antibiotics, Highly acidic processed food, chemical ingredients – We are daily waging war against our friends. 🙁

And we complain about Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Aggression, Autism, Asthma, Suicides, Dumb, Zombiness… 🙁 That is what we deserve.



Role of Translocator Protein Density, a Marker of Neuroinflammation, in the Brain During Major Depressive Episodes

Elaine Setiawan, PhD1,2; Alan A. Wilson, PhD1,2,3; Romina Mizrahi, MD, PhD1,2,3,4; Pablo M. Rusjan, PhD1,2; Laura Miler, HBSc1,2; Grazyna Rajkowska, PhD5; Ivonne Suridjan, HBSc1,2,4; James L. Kennedy, MD1,2,3,4; P. Vivien Rekkas, PhD1,2; Sylvain Houle, MD, PhD1,2,3; Jeffrey H. Meyer, MD, PhD, FRCPC1,2,3,4

The neuroinflammatory hypothesis of major depressive disorder is supported by several main findings. First, in humans and animals, activation of the immune system causes sickness behaviors that present during a major depressive episode (MDE), such as low mood, anhedonia, anorexia, and weight loss. Second, peripheral markers of inflammation are frequently reported in major depressive disorder. Third, neuroinflammatory illnesses are associated with high rates of MDEs. However, a fundamental limitation of the neuroinflammatory hypothesis is a paucity of evidence of brain inflammation during MDE. Translocator protein density measured by distribution volume (TSPO VT) is increased in activated microglia, an important aspect of neuroinflammation.


Gut Worms Protect Babies’ Brains From Inflammation

What’s in mom’s gut could help protect her baby’s brain

According to what scientists call the “Biome Depletion Theory,” some autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases may be the result of too few of the life forms that once lived in and on the body — particularly gut worms — rather than too many.

Tapeworms, roundworms and other wormy companions have inhabited the warm wet folds of animal intestines for more than 100 million years, bathing in a constant supply of food and nutrients.

Over millions of years of co-existence, the theory goes, the immune system learned to tolerate these live-in guests, and eventually adapted to work with worms in mind.

The theory is that now, with worms gone from our guts, the body’s natural defenses can spiral out of control.

“Our bodies are essentially an ecosystem,” said Duke immunologist and study co-author William Parker.

Cowshed : Solution for Auto-immune diseases

Gau Shala
Gau Shala

Yes, cowshed is the solution. I often prescribe friends and relatives to visit गौ शाला. गौ शाला is more than temple and beyond modern hospitals. I also suggest to avail milk and other prasad ( urine/dung) from only those गौ शाला where mother is kept happy! Like a mother and not as milk machine.

Let your growing child get frequent exposure to गौ शाला!

Some harsh reality:

Food allergies have increased about 50% in children since 1997.

I see children with diet restrictions. I see toddlers with long list of ‘No to eat’ list. This is the price we pay for disrespecting microbes, our friends, philosophers and guides.

Microbes can save growing epedemic of allergies. Respect them. Take care of them. Eat GUT-friendly food. Do not treat your body as gutter by eating anything and everything at anytime.

Include microbe-rich ghee, honey, dahi, butter-milk in regular diet.

There are various theories explaining why. One is that the 21st century lifestyle, which includes a diet very different from our ancestors’, lots of antibiotic use, and even a rise in cesarean section deliveries, has profoundly changed the makeup of microbes in the gut of many people in developed countries. For example, the average child in the United States has taken three courses of antibiotics by the time he or she is 2 years old, says Martin Blaser, an infectious disease specialist and microbiologist at New York University in New York City.

Here, I share two important articles to support my claim and unshakable faith on mother.

A gut microbe that stops food allergies

A class of bacteria commonly found in the guts of people—and rodents—appears to keep mice safe from food allergies, a study suggests. The same bacteria are among those reduced by antibiotic use in early childhood. The research fits neatly into an emerging paradigm that helps explain a recent alarming increase in food allergies and other conditions, such as obesity and autoimmune disease, and hints at strategies to reverse the trend.

In one of the latest efforts, Nagler’s team first confirmed that mice given antibiotics early in life were far more susceptible to peanut sensitization, a model of human peanut allergy. Then, they introduced a solution containing Clostridia, a common class of bacteria that’s naturally found in the mammalian gut, into the rodents’ mouths and stomachs. The animals’ food allergen sensitization disappeared, the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. When the scientists instead introduced another common kind of healthy bacteria, called Bacteroides, into similarly allergy-prone mice, they didn’t see the same effect. Studying the rodents more carefully, the researchers determined that Clostridia were having a surprising effect on the mouse gut: Acting through certain immune cells, the bacteria helped keep peanut proteins that can cause allergic reactions out of the bloodstream. “The bacteria are maintaining the integrity of the [intestinal] barrier,” Nagler says.

So, conclusion?

A probiotic consisting of Clostridia could be a new allergy therapy. For your surprise, Clostridia bacteria are found in abundance in cowshed! In fact, in all rustic places where humans live with animals! In cowshed, you are exposed to all healthy bacteria along with Clostridia which are not present with other animals.

So by chance if your child is treated with antibiotics ( which we must avoid! ), the best way to recover is to visit nearby Gau shala!! And take blessings of Gau mata!

A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic?

WILL the cure for allergies come from the cowshed?

Allergies are often seen as an accident. Your immune system misinterprets a harmless protein like dust or peanuts as a threat, and when you encounter it, you pay the price with sneezing, wheezing, and in the worst cases, death.

The working hypothesis is that innocuous cowshed microbes, plant material and raw milk protect farming children by favorably stimulating their immune systems throughout life, particularly early on. That spring morning, Dr. Holbreich gave me a tour of the bonanza of immune stimuli under consideration.

This research suggests that farming mothers might benefit from a naturally occurring immunotherapy, one that preprograms the developing fetus against allergic disease. Yet how to apply that therapy deliberately remains unclear. Is “microbial pressure” what matters — a stiff microbial wind in our sails? Or do certain cowshed microbes actually colonize farmers, and favorably calibrate their immune function?

Which brings us to farm milk. In Europe, the consumption of unpasteurized milk has repeatedly correlated with protection against allergic disease. In America, 80 percent of the Amish studied by Dr. Holbreich consume raw milk. In a study published earlier this year, Dr. Schaub’s group showed that European children who consumed farm milk had more of those regulatory T-cells, irrespective of whether they lived on farms. The higher the quantity of those cells, the less likely these children were to be given diagnoses of asthma. Here, finally, is something concrete to take off the farm.

Any doubt? Don’t waste time. If you cannot keep Gau mata at home, get connected with near by ethical Gau shala! Inspire farmers in nearby villages to start Gau shala!

Mother is the only cure!

Your child and You: Growth vs Chaos

Chaos Img src:
Img src:

Tremendous brain growth occurs in the first 7 years of life. In first two years, more dramatic than at any other age, overall brain size doubles in the first year, reaching about 70 percent of its adult size; it reaches 85 percent of adult size by age two.

During this time your baby’s brain is busily building structural and functional connectivity, creating the essential neuro-architecture to support life and learning.

Child brain demands maximum human interactions during this growth period. (Critical first 2 years and at least first 7 years).

father_child Img src:
Img src:

When you replace quality human interactions with technology, shortchanges a young child on the time and mix of experiences the sensorium (The areas of the brain that process and register incoming sensory information and make possible the conscious awareness of the world) needs for well-rounded development. Neurologically and psychologically, the tech effect becomes a wild card in your baby’s development.

Now a dear friends argues that: But child learns from TV (Even recent TATA TV ad also give this idea). Well, learning at the cost of growth? What TV can teach, you can easily demonstrate. When you demonstrate, you actually help brain in growth.

The brain is not machine, and is designed to develop in all the areas through natural human interactions and play, and by putting kids in front of screens we are changing their brains.

Take care or live in self-denial and compromise your kid’s growth. What I presented here are crude biological facts. Opposing them will invite nothing but a self-goal 🙂.


“Look, the brain of the child is shaped by the interactions they have with parents—that’s just absolutely clear. We need to be in the physical and relational world before we reduce it down to screens.”

You already spend 8 hrs in sleep. 10 hrs at work. 2 hrs in daily chores. You left with 4 hrs. From this 4 hrs, you give 2 hrs to your entertainment dosage (TV, Internet, Mobile).

Your kid gets only 2 hrs per day. Kids are not machines that you can take care on weekends. They need continuous interactions.

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

None. Read –> ‘None’. None of modern homes are suitable for child development.
Parents are always in argument mode. There is always some background noise of TV/Radio/Mobile.
Silence is rare event in modern urban homes.
Ignorant parents think that children are sleeping. So they go on fighting with each other and other family members/neighbours. Reckless parenting!!
Background Noise src:
Background Noise

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

“Modern homes are filled with noisy distractions such as TV, radio, and people talking that could affect how children learn words at early ages. Our study suggests that adults should be aware of the amount of background speech in the environment when they’re interacting with young children.”

Children will rarely be in a completely quiet environment when learning. Parents and teachers may find that reducing background noise or highlighting important information can help children learn even when there is background noise. These suggestions may be especially important for low-income households because research shows that such homes on average have higher noise levels due to urban settings and crowding.

Father or First Guru : Extinct Relation

Father-Child Relation Img src:
Father-Child Relation
Img src:

लालयेत पंच वर्षांणि, दश वर्षांणि ताडयेत | प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे, पुत्रं मित्रं वदाचरेत |

Once a child reaches age 5, father’s job become critical. It is father who is first teacher before child is enrolled to Gurukul/school.

Problem with west is that they don’t have vision of Guru-pita. Pitatulya Guru! Once a child is enrolled to the Gurukul, it is fatherly Guru who takes care of them!! Imagine how mighty generation we can produce when society is blessed by fatherly Guru(s) and Gurukul(s).

Do you have time-luxury or you are done providing material luxury to your children?

As per one study, Children who spend time with their fathers have a higher IQ[1] ! What about those unfortunate urban children whose dads are always busy in career pursuits? Dad leave for the job when children are sleeping and dad return home in night when again children are sleeping! No school or teacher or nanny or toys or games can fill in this vital gap of father’s presence! And same applies to mothers! Do not escape by buying some toy for your children. Spend time as they want more of your presence!

Take care. Spend as much possible time with your children! You are what you are because your parents cared so much of you!

Father-Child src:
Father-Child src:

Children who spend large amounts of time with their fathers have higher IQs, according to a new study.

Strong fatherly involvement in their early life can also improve a child’s future career prospects, the research shows.

The researchers warned that it was not enough for parents to live together, but that a father should be actively involved in a child’s life to benefit their development.

The study looked at more than 11,000 British men and women, born in 1958.

The more effort a father invests in his children, the smarter they are as kids and more successful as adults, new research shows. And highly educated fathers make even more of a difference than less educated dads, all things being equal.

“It’s not [just] about having dad around, it’s about what kind of dad he is,” says Daniel Nettle, a psychologist at the University of Newcastle, UK, who led the new analysis, based on surveys of more than 10,000 children over half a century.

Monsoon Tapas : Gauri Vrata

Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat

If you are proud parents of 8-10 years old girl child, it is good for her to observe fast and be with nature during these days.

8-10 years old female child is on the verge of puberty. She will go through tremendous physiological changes in upcoming decade. Her reproductive system is on the verge of maturation. During this time, it is important to keep her happy. Her healthy mental state will regulate these physiological changes and won’t allow abnormalities. Fasting will boost her immune system so that pathogens don’t disturb highly vulnerable cervix development.

This ritual becomes more crucial in our times when girls are reaching puberty very early duty chemical cocktails in our lives.

During this time of the year, mother nature is in blooming mood. Mother is in shades of rejuvenation. If she spends more time in nature, she will inspire from mother and do not worry about rapid physiological changes.

In short,

1) Fasting will keep her yearly immunity at best level.
2) Beginning of monsoon is the season of rapid changes. She can best sync her physiological changes with mother nature


Gauri Vrat. Enjoy these moments with your girl child. Make this special period for her.

Side note: There is debate going on at national level about sex education. Sex education? This is ideal time to describe sacred importance of reproduction. Unlike moronic modern sex education who teaches vikruti in name of education (For example, “use condoms and consume yourself safely” type campaigns)

Real sex education will teach kids right actions at right age. Teen age is not the right age as reproductive organs are not yet ready. Indulgence in pre-mature age = havoc in future years. From infections to cancer. Save your children by imparting right values.

I know, you will have question that why not for boys?

Let me explain by one example: Farmers need to take care of both field and seeds. Same treatment cannot be applied to field and seeds.Like that field and seeds in humans should be taken care.

Boys maturation happen little later than girls. They carry seeds. Farmers give different treatment to seeds than fields. Their development happen at Akhada (अखाडा playground) where seeds are protected until good matured spring.


Early Puberty is not only havoc for your girl child but also her future children.

Early puberty is purely an environmental phenomenon. More artificial hormone-bending chemicals in food, water and air. On top of it, filthy Bollywood and TV matures mind early.

On top of it, so called international schools and their local blind copies promote sex education. TV is full of condom ads. Authors and columnists (Chetan Bhagat type) promote free-sex. And then, there is series of planned days like Friendship day, Valentine day etc.

This results into premature sex. Teen-age encounters. Youth engaged in adult acts.

And then we promote HPV vaccines!

Neck like opening to the uterus is called Cervix. In Hindi, it is called गर्भाशय मुख. Opening of Womb.


This Cervix wall act as a protection wall of uterus (divine soil/kshetra where new jiva resides for 9 months). Behind this wall, Prana, architect of human body, is working 24×7 for 9 months, to carve the human body. Any disturbance to this Prana’s work means deformity or miscarriage. Manual abortions do nothing but disturb Prana’s work.

Vagina is full of bacteria. Some of them are healthy bacteria (like lactobacilli which helps newborn to teach breastfeeding) and some of them are pathogens (Any disease-producing agent). This Cervix wall is natural defense against them.

Cervix wall starts developing with first cycle of period in teen age females. It becomes mature by the age 18-21. See picture to understand the difference between cervix wall in adult female and teen age female.

Liberals often talk in favor of sex education in schools. This education and other mediums bombarding sex is not sex education but lust education. This results into teen girls engaged in sex. Some of them become mother before crossing 18.

When teen age females are involved in natural/unnatural sexual acts (which is common in western countries and now in India too 🙁 ), they are early exposed to pathogens and these pathogens passes cervix wall as it is immature and one layer wall (see picture). This lead to infection in uterus and many other issues, including cervical cancer at middle age. So much stress for organ which is still under development.

HPV virus spreads only when immature wall is exposed to it in teen age. It cannot work in females who did not experience sex before ripen age i.e after 21.

Right sex education is education of Brahmcharya. It should inspire teens celibacy for their own wellbeing. No luring, no lust, pure science. Sanatana principles.

Instead of Brahmcharya, our habits, school environment and family environment promotes teen sex. I see many parents laugh on their teens affair relations. Morons!

And as a solution, they suggest HPV vaccine! 😀 . HPV vaccine to innocent female teens is like forceful exposure of HPV virus to immature Cervix without any sexual acts. This is giving ample side effects. Sometimes deadly. Sometimes premature ovarian failure. It snatches right of motherhood for many. And if there is motherhood, children suffer from unforeseen sicknesses due to disturbed Prana during pregnancy.

This HPV infection is increasing in India as teens are not rampant and involved in sex at very early age. No text book covers this 🙁

Sex followed by HPV vaccine is not a solution for teens. Brahmcharya is.

We do not give solid food to infant due to their inability, why can’t same be followed for cervix wall?

Think about it. Learn Vrata(s) of monsoon. Amazing but easy tools to remain in sync with mother nature.

Who is raising our children?

Child Development
Child Development

“Who is raising your child?”
“That is weird question. Of course, we, his parents.”
“I don’t think so, you are not alone.Who else?”
“And who? You can say, his baby-sitter helps us.”
“Oh yes, our parents help too sometimes. His school teachers at school.”
“And you miss some more names…”
“TV commercials, soap opera, cartoon network, Salman, Aamir, Sachin, Ajay, Akshay, Dhoni, mobile games, video games, and the endless list of entertainment tools.When he is at home, doesn’t he spend more time with all of these than with you, your parents ?”
“Then who is actually raising your child? Certainly not you. It is damn your electronic monsters at home! Do not expect more from him than a cartoon overloaded with information and blind awe for entertainment.”
Screen entertainment (TV/Mobile/Laptop/Game player) , like nature and books, has by its same power to control the time, attention and cognitive habits of our youth. In fact, screen entertainment is new competing curriculum, killing institution of Bharatiya education by slow poisoning of shallowness.

Needless to add that same screen entertainment is responsible for accelerating ageing, abridging scope of childhood and lengthening adulthood, confused, weak, shallow and directionless youth.

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