Child Development

Child Development

What is Sanskar?

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Word ‘संस्कार’ is translated as ‘Ceremony’ and many vital phases of life are reduced to mere mechanical rituals and the want of a peculiar indefinable moral and vigorous excellence of a man for whom he/she underwent the process, is generally missing.

संस्कार : Purification of body, mind and intellect by liquidating impurities arose during journey of immortal soul from one body to another, one life to another. If performed with the intention mentioned, individual becomes fit to live co-operative life in family, community, society, Nation and world by performing his righteous duties and enjoying fruits of संस्कारs sown for pure and conditioned body,mind and intellect. And the process of nebulizing संस्कारs starts not when a child is born but when the very idea of conception is conceived by couple to resist impurities (of body,mind and intellect) and have healthy co-operative living.

Consequences of missing right Sanskar at right age : We witness all around. 🙁

Newborns and step-by-step Sensorial Inputs

Sensosial Overload
Sensosial Overload


Imagine, someone start DJ loud speakers at midnight when you are deep sleep? What will be your reaction?

Do we like erratic perceptions? So often we oppose noise pollution. Chaotic visuals make us nervous. Information overload makes us stressful. Even with matured and developed senses.

Newborn Universe
Newborn Universe

When a child comes out of water-melon sized uterus at birth, its universe expands suddenly! We must not add chaos in new life! Let there be expansion of the universe step by step. For this, we have different Sanskars. Learn 16 Sanskar rituals. Only after 4 months, child is introduced to real universe. Till then, mother remains as universe and the Sutika Gruh as expanded womb.

Imagine torture we gift to newborns in society. Just after delivery, huge crowd of friends and relatives bombard high dosage of erratic and chaotic input signals to underdeveloped senses of newborn. Not only humans, but their pet-gadgets too, throwing powerful flash lights.

Things don’t stop on birth day. This is just a beginning. When infant moves to home, new pet-gadgets and their unnecessary input signals become overburden for developing senses.

In our culture, there is a custom to introduce infant to different level of sensory input signals step by step. First, let there be womb like environment. Infant, mother and their caretaker (mostly mother’s mother) for first 3 months. Only father and blood relatives are allowed glimpses. 4th month onwards, introduce Nature and other distant relatives. Step by step, in humble interest of wellbeing of all future citizens.

Stop exploiting kids. Avoid your gadget freakiness in front of them. Let them remain close to mother and nature for few years.

Action items:
• Avoid flash light camera exposure for first 6 months.
• Avoid crowd in first 3 months.
• Avoid travelling for first year.
• Avoid noisy environment (marriages, functions, fire-crackers, DJ systems)
• Introduce family step by step
• Handle developing sense as if you are handling fragile utensils.
• Avoid TV, mobile, laptop exposure for first 3 years.

Use common sense. Mother nature is kind enough to guide.

Vata Prakop : Cracked heels

PS: Young married couple: If you see any of Vata symptom in each other, treat it before you plan for progeny. This is to unnecessary avoid Vata as birth Prakruti.

Vayu Prakop - Normal in middle age
Vayu Prakop – Normal in middle age

Cracked heels (Benign Vipadika) is a symptom of Vata Prakop. Vipadika is a common disorder of skin which affects the people irrespective of age and sex. It is not limited to any particular class in the society. Its signs and symptoms according to charaka are pani pada sphutana and teevra vedana.

This used to be middle age symptom indicating gradual increase of Vata with aging. But now a days, I see college going youth suffering from this – Clear indication of untimely and early onset of aggravated Vata.

When it becomes prolonged or spread in entire body, we call it कुष्ठ / Leprosy.


1) Apply warm sesame oil or ghee cooked with turmeric and hareettaki.
2) Soak the feet in warm salt water daily for 5-10 mins
3) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric on cracks
4) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric + Triphala on cracks

Joint Family Living and Immunity


Joint family living is extinct custom in most Indian lineages. Due to this extinct idea, upcoming generations will miss, not only cultural inheritance but also biological inheritance.


Cultural inheritance – easy to understand. Common sense. Google

In classroom biology, we are taught about DNA based biological inheritance from paternal and maternal lines but story does not end there.

Exposure-sensitive periods in childhood and sex-specific transmissions are features that support biological rather than cultural transmission. Story begins with grand-parents exposure to children during exposure-sensitive growth periods. Grand-father and grand-mother – both plays critical role of transmitting surrogate biological instructions to growing children. Surrogate instructions are those gene expression, which are not transmitted by parents in their DNA. These gene-expressions, provide extra protection against most possible generational immunity buildup. Modern science has just started investigating this link. [Some studies are shared at the end of this note. This studies also suggest that why it is important for you to discard bad habits and develop good habits.]

And what do we do with our grandparents? We send them to old age home! What a stupid generation! Crime against civilization! If you love your children (which is possible if they are not product of your sex instinct and are not accidently delivered due to one night mistake i.e. Not so planned parenting) Think twice before you decide to live separate from your parents.

Parents, grand-parents, siblings, cousins – they all play role in child development [1]. I know many parents, sacrificing career opportunities to focus on child development. Results are amazing. Take care in national interest. Your child is future citizen. Do not produce weak generation. Fight against modern societal perils. Encourage joint family living.


[1] Family structure, neonatal infection, and hay fever in adolescence.

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether increased numbers of siblings and infection in early life protect against allergic sensitisation. DESIGN: Historical cohort study. SETTING: Sheffield, UK. SUBJECTS: 11,765 children aged 11-16 years for whom a history of neonatal infectious illness had been recorded systematically at 1 month of age. METHODS: A history of hay fever and family structure was obtained by postal questionnaire; neonatal illness history was ascertained from health visitor records; 723 children underwent skin prick testing with mixed grass pollen extract. RESULTS: The prevalence of hay fever was reduced (p < 0.0001) among children of younger mothers, and those from larger families. The number of older siblings exerted a stronger independent effect than the number of younger siblings (p < 0.001). Infants breast fed exclusively during the first month were at higher risk (p < 0.05) of subsequent hay fever, independent of demographic factors. Adolescents at high risk of hay fever by virtue of their family structure were more likely to be sensitised to grass pollen (p < 0.002). No significant relations emerged between hay fever and infection in the first month of life, even among children born in June. CONCLUSIONS: The association of hay fever with family structure is not due to reporting bias and reflects an environmental influence on allergic sensitisation. The effects of sibship size, birth order, and infant feeding are consistent with a protective influence of postnatal infection. The first month of life and the first postnatal exposure to allergen are not the critical periods during which this protective effect is determined.

Grandma’s Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

Your ancestors’ lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain.

Your Diet Affects Your Grandchildren’s DNA, Scientists Say

You are what you eat, the saying goes. And, according to two new genetic studies, you are what your mother, father, grandparents and great-grandparents ate, too.

Diet, be it poor or healthy, can so alter the nature of one’s DNA that those changes can be passed on to the progeny. While this much has been speculated for years, researchers in two independent studies have found ways in which this likely is happening.

The findings, which involve epigenetics, may help explain the increased genetic risk that children face compared to their parents for diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Time to take epigenetic inheritance seriously

Whilst one striking result relates to the grandfather’s food availability, epigenetic transmission from just father to child would be sufficient to set up a cascade of metabolic responses down the generations.


Kids, Entertainment, Marketing and Exploitation



If child labor is illegal, then why employing children to sell useless products and mass-brainwashing children/society as slave is legal?

Observe. Majority ads now employ kids for one or another way.

In 2008, an estimated 17 million children watched the Superbowl with their families. Alongside the football, they also watched a number of highly creative and engaging ads for beer and alcohol.

In India, kids watch IPL and condom ads together. In one of the multiplex in city (Inox group), toilet is covered with condom ads. You cannot go with kids to restrooms.

The marketing of adult entertainment to children has been, and continues to be, an ongoing issue between government regulators and various media industries. In a report released in 2000, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took movie, music and video games industries to task for routinely marketing violent entertainment to young children. Subsequent reports since then have shown that although advances have been made – particularly within the video game industry – there are still many outstanding concerns relating to the frequency that adult-oriented entertainment is marketed to children and the ease with which many under-age youth are able to access adult-rated games, movies and music. [6] Specific areas where the FTC is calling on entertainment media to improve on include restricting the marketing of mature-rated products to children, clearly and prominently disclosing rating information and restricting children’s access to mature-rated products at retail. [7]

Kids represent an important demographic to marketers because in addition to their own purchasing power (which is considerable) they influence their parents’ buying decisions and are the adult consumers of the future.

According to the 2008 YTV Kids and Tweens Report, kids influence:

Breakfast choices (97% of the time) and lunch choices (95% of the time).
Where to go for casual family meals (98% of the time) (with 34% of kids always having a say on the choice of casual restaurant).
Clothing purchases (95% of the time).
Software purchases (76% of the time) and computer purchases (60% of the time).
Family entertainment choices (98% of the time) and family trips and excursions (94% of the time). [0]

Fact 1: The average child sees nearly 40,000 commercials a year, about 110 a day. [1]
Fast 2: Children under seven are especially vulnerable to marketing messages. Research shows that they are unable to distinguish commercial motives from benign or benevolent motives. [2]
Fact 3: More and more Ads now demo Children with VETO power (Parents? Who are they to take out decision attitude)

When you apply common sense to fact 1,2,3 and paint a picture – you derive a ugly picture of society. Keep your family out of this trend/mess.

[0] Poulton, Terry. “ ‘Kidfulence’ on family spending strong: YTV Report.” Media in Canada. February 22, 2008.

[1] Kunkel, D. 2002 “Children and Television Advertising,” Handbook of Children and the Media. Eds. Singer, D., and Singer, J. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
[6] Federal Trade Commission (2009). FTC Renews Call to Entertainment Industry to Curb Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children.
[7] Ibid.

Teeth Cleaning, Mental Development And Autism



कदम्बे तु धृतिर्मेधा चम्पके च दृढा मतिः |
अपामार्गे धृतिर्मेधा प्रज्ञाशक्तिस्तथाऽसने ||
– भावप्रकाश संहिता
कदम्बकी दातौनसे धृति एवं मेधा , चंपासे वाणी सुननेकी शक्ति ,अपामार्गसे धैर्य और बुद्धि और विजयसारसे बुद्धि शक्ति बढ़ती है ।

CAN your modern toothpaste provide you these benefits? This verse can work very well with children suffering from Autism type disorders. Harmless and effective.

In form of modern day toothpaste, we actually take first dose of daily poison. 🙂 In the long run, randomly, it is toxic disaster for many.

Science of sUtikA gRRiha vs Modern Hospital, Gut Bacteria, Antibiotics

Child birth
Child birth

For 1000s of years, we had practice of child birth at honme. सूतिका गृह  was prepared and managed for child birth. There were specifications for it. Panchgavya was part of the setup. (Cow dung, urine,milk, ghee,curd). Honey was part of the setup. Ghee lamp too. Everything to instill healthy Prana and yet keep the environment like womb.

The antibiotics given to many killed mother’s bacteria, and bacteria in NICU took over

This is very simple. Common sense. When child comes out from the sterile protected womb ( actually it is not sterile but modern medicine’s dogmas say so), it will be nurtured by the Prana of the mother and the local environment where it is born.

In our local villages practices, there is no mass-assembly like place for newborns and infants. Instead, they (mother, infant and caretaker – just three) live in highly customized सूतिका गृह for 1 to 3 to 6 months. No issue like what is mentioned in this article.

There are specifications mentioned in Ayurvedic Samhitas about architecture and facilities for सूतिका गृह. It demands research efforts from us. गौ-गोबर,घी,दही,मूत्र,दूध – without them, it is difficult to build healthy and life-enriching सूतिका गृह (As I read so far – this is my conclusion)

Till 80s, children used to take birth at home and the doctor / helper visit individual home for delivery.

We have now forced the alteration in this common sense practice.
Now, child is delivered in hospitals. So sterile Prana of newborn is out of control from birth. We really don’t have any control!

“Babies typically get their gut bacteria from their mothers during childbirth. Premature infants, however, receive antibiotics during their first week of life to prevent infections, and these antibiotics eliminate many of the microbes the infants receive from their mothers.

As a result, microbes from the NICU colonize the digestive tracts of premature infants, the University of California, Berkeley, researchers found.”

My suggestions (Even my son did not receive this better treatment 🙁 due to lack of common sense then 🙁

1) Prefer home-based delivery ( This is impossible in current scenario as doctor won’t agree with it and there is hardly art of traditional care exist in society)

2) Prefer small clinics with no general purpose rooms. (Rooms exclusively used for newborn and mothers). Smaller the facility (small does not mean lack of coziness but low no of beds), lower the chances of unpredicted microbes occupying newborn GUT.


Gut Bacteria in Preemies Altered by Hospital Stay, Study Finds

The antibiotics given to many killed mother’s bacteria, and bacteria in NICU took over

Gut bacteria in premature infants don’t come from their mothers, but from microbes in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), a new study finds.

Babies typically get their gut bacteria from their mothers during childbirth. Premature infants, however, receive antibiotics during their first week of life to prevent infections, and these antibiotics eliminate many of the microbes the infants receive from their mothers.

As a result, microbes from the NICU colonize the digestive tracts of premature infants, the University of California, Berkeley, researchers found.

The researchers swabbed the most-touched surfaces in an NICU and collected fecal samples from two premature infants in the unit. The surfaces checked for microbes included the sink; feeding and breathing tubes; the hands of health workers and parents; incubator access knobs; and keyboards, cell phones and other electronic equipment at the nurses’ station.

The researchers found that the gut bacteria in the two infants were similar to those found on the surfaces in the intensive-care unit. The most abundant types of gut bacteria in the infants were similar to those found on feeding and breathing tubes.

The study was published recently in the journal Microbiome.

“The most common species found in our study — Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli and Bacteroides fragilis — all have been associated with disease in preterm infants, but can also be commonly isolated from healthy infants and adults,” study author Brandon Brooks said in a journal news release.

“The strains found here are largely opportunistic, lacking many of the really nasty genes found in ‘outbreak’ versions of their respective strains,” Brooks said. “The bacteria would need to be further tested to fully understand [any potential threat].”

Pornification of Childhood



It started out innocuously enough. In 2012, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was responding to a late-night e-mail about software freedom. Jobs answered that Apple’s standards are meant to liberate consumers, giving three freedoms.

1) “freedom from programs that steal your private data,”

2) “freedom from programs that trash your battery”

3) “freedom from porn.”

Take that! “freedom from porn.” ! He faced tidal waves of opposition for this remark. Some liberals today feel no corelation between Nudity, porn and woman harassment. How will you deny relation with derailed childhood? Look around, you will find ample examples.


The level of exposure of children to porn/sexual (direct/Indirect) exposure, and the young age at which many are viewing this material – accidentally or otherwise – is cause for grave concern.


Symantec’s 2009 study of children online revealed the word ‘porn’ ranked as the fourth most popular search word for children aged 7 and younger, and was in the top 5 words googled by children under 18 (Campbell, 2010)[1].


The explosion of new technologies -> Porn on home computers, laptops, tablets, phones, wifi stores, public place and where not.


When we fail to come to terms with this changing landscape, we leave children vulnerable in ways never-before experienced. Constant stream of hypersexualised imagery and sexual expression that boys and girls are subjected to daily lowers their inhibitions, discourages empathy towards others, and reshapes their sexual aspirations and expression often in risky, violent or unhelpful ways.


Ok, you say don’t blame nudity or filthy Bollywood for woman harassment (Again, that is tomfoolery but I can’t mold your adult mind for this grudge for self-obsession with personal entertainment). What about lost childhood? Do you care for it?


Save Culture, Save Childhood, Save Society, Save Nation. Be a good parent, be a good teacher.

If they don’t stop serving you filthy visuals, you wake up and STOP WATCHING THEM! NOW!

[1] In a society where sexual visuals on screen entertainment is so pervasive, it’s intimidating to face the truth about how it endangers our children, destabilizes our families and distorts our views of sex and one another. It’s easier to shout down the occasional unexpected criticism of pornography than to ponder its validity and change behavior accordingly.

Putna, Krishna and Gau

Krishna fighting against Putna src: Google search
Krishna fighting against Putna
src: Google search

Each story has hidden meaning if we learn to decipher. There is popular story known in our cutlure about Avtar Krishna and Demon Putna. And how baby Krishna kills the demon Putna.

The word “Pūtanā”, broken as “Pūt” (virtue) and “nā” (no) means “devoid of virtue”. Another explanation derives “Pūtanā” from “Pūta” (purifying), thus meaning “she who purifies”.Putana (Sanskrit: Pūtanā, lit. “putrefaction”) is a Matrika, who is killed by the infant-god Krishna.

In reality, Putna is a childhood sickness. Often due to post-delivery stress, mother’s milk become vitiated and imbalance of Dosha (Kapha, Pitta, Vayu balance) happens. More often in the case of first time mothers. If child’s mother cannot feed (in case of Krishna, mother was not able to feed), foster-mother feed. If this foster-mother’s intentions are not good, has no love for the child, milk becomes poison. And Putna arrives to kill or hamper the growth of the child.

Due to drinking such milk, infant’s body’s Vayu is aggravated and so infant suffers from Lack of sleep, diarrhea & constant thrist and constant crying. That is Putna.

If not taken care, infant dies. This is one of the primary cause of infant mortality.

Baby-Krishna could survive such vitiated milk. And that is how he killed the Putna!


Solution: घृत ghee (COW GHEE)

” पिप्पली त्रिफला चूर्णं घृत क्षौद्र परिप्लुतम l
बालो रोदिति य: तस्मै: लेढुम दद्यात सुखावहम ll ” ( योग-रत्नाकर – द्वितीय खंड – बालरोग चिकित्सा )

Pippali and trifala churna with ghee and honey.

Needless to mention that Krishna was living with Nanda the Cow expert. So he must have got this treatment immediately. And since he took birth with perfect body, it was easy for him to fight against poisoned milk.

Things to take care:
1) Never give ghee and honey in same quantity i.e. 1 ml ghee + 1 ml honey = this is not preferable.
2) Purity of the sources. Ghee prepared from ethically procured milk and prepared by churning. Honey procured ethically without harming bees.

This is the reason, feeding mother should never take stress of any kind. She should be always cheerful and stress-free. Her food should be rich and wholesome prepared by someone who has highest love for both newly became mother and infant. And so post-delivery, new mother prefers to live with her mother. 🙂

वसुदेवसुतं देवं कंसचाणूरमर्दनम् देवकीपरमानन्दं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्|

Year-End Sales: Save your kids from marketing perverts


479738_10154590111144762_4445776270736340670_n-1 10314603_10154590110859762_7802233901106811245_n 10479040_10154590111434762_6851426630807765951_n

There is marketing lesson taught in many MBA schools. ==> “Pick them early. As early as you can. By hook or crook. By toys, cartoons and movies.”

This is not festival celebration. This is process of making consumers out of innocent kids. Future customer base creation.

We also played with गुड्डा/गुडिया but not under such intense marketing gimmicks.

In name of toys, little girls are brainwashed to make up like imaginary character. Behave like adults. Talk and walk like adults.

Child body is not Adult body
Child mind is not adult mind
Do we realize the havoc when we force kids to imitate adults?
Do we realize the impact of media, entertainment and so called liberal product marketing impact?

Even though, they share same human body, Children are not “Little Adults”. 🙂 Their state of living is radically different from adult needs.
Our highly mechanized and materialistic living ignore this.

The radical difference is not just growing body vs aging body but the re-sketching (because I believe in re-birth) of mind from the scratch. And we treat them with same sick adult food and entertainment. 🙂

Can you imagine the impact? You and me won’t realize the pain of early puberty (as we had relatively better mind-space in absence of Television and mobile) but our kids will. Grown up adult body with same growing mind/psyche. 🙁 Thanks to food for body and mind we can best offer to them in present urban environment.

No wonder why we had Gurukul, away from Grihasthi life, in jungles, protecting childhood innocence and nurturing it by mother nature’s magic wands.

They are shown dreams to buy merchandise associated with doll. From make up to bed to fans to TV to what not! Consumer more! And live in imaginary world!

Things don’t stop here. When kids grow up, they become faithful customers of the system.

Being part of the same system, I see my son slowly getting consumed 🙁 Feeling helpless?

Take radical steps. Alone, you cannot. Form a tribe of like-minded parents. Spend spare time together, away from toxic influence of entertainment and market.


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