Popular Cinema : Weapon of Mass Destruction


To create cognitive dissonance for own culture, popular Cinema produces two types of movies.

1) Movies that spreads mind viruses against the local culture with comic or sentimental touch e.g. PK
2) Movies that spreads so called rational and nationalist viruses in young urban population e.g. Baby

Both are worrisome trends. Do we really need movies to teach desh-prem and nationalism? Have our senses become so crippled that we seek such stimulation?

The trend is similar to what happened in South Korea. In South Korea, the movie industry was taken over by US MNC-owners by 1970s, By 1980, the movie industry was churning out movies where hero used to be nationalist, but non-religious.

Later, heroes were nationalist and anti-Buddhist. And later, heroes were nationalist, very religious but non-Buddhist, and anti-Buddhist and villains were mostly devout Buddhist.

And final scenes where non-Buddhist hero beats Buddhist villains will have murti of Buddha in background !!!

And yes, hero will always be nationalist.


Now analyze Bollywood movies in past 30 years. Starting with Amitabh era to latest Amir and Salman era.

If you still can’t get rid of your Bollywood obsession, God bless our motherland.

Making of Condom Generation: Pervert Bollywood’s Silent Memes



Dec 26, 2014

Meme: a cultural unit (an idea, value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means


Movie PK will be known, not only for its cheap and childish logic to bash Hindu rituals but it will also be known as movie which played subtle role in converting youth into sex animals.

As per my friend, movie has several scenes where sex is trivialized. ‘Dancing Car’ (couple doing sex in car in open) is the poison meme. This is repeated several times in the story and showed that it is common in India. Having sex in car in open is common in India. Or it is okay to do it.

Another meme is related to natural secrecy people maintain about possession or buying condom. Movie shows that, it is okay to enjoy sex as many time as you want, with condom. And you should not feel shy about it. Be open. Have sex.

Third one is about sex before marriage. Movie’s main lead characters fall in love and are shown having sex during their college life. Before actually they realize that they love each other.

This is quite dangerous then ritual bashing.

Can you imagine the consequences?

Some conclusion gullible subconscious minds derive after watching movie:

– illicit relations are okay
– sex perversion is okay
– be open about sex


Now don’t complain when some teen-age boy sees you and your wife coming out of car in secluded area, as being customer and a prostitute, and his staring at your wife for all perverted imaginations. Well, this is already happening due to so far sick bollywood movies we had in past 2 decades. But movies like PK accelerates this perversion.

Bollywood – Life degenerating, against the principles of Natya-shashtra



Purpose of Natya Shashtra (science and art of stage performance) is to remind way of living to the viewers by performances. What are performances? Dummy demonstrations of life. Theme always used to be defeat of Evil by the will and power of Good.

On the other hand, each Bollywood movie presents life-degenerating demonstrations. Making fun of Good and glorifying evil. In movies like Rang de basanti,good dies in the end, defeated by evil. Subconsciously, it instills fear in young minds that do not revolt..or you will be silenced. It pumps more animal instincts in you. Certainly not a worthy of spending short and critical life given to us.

न तज्ज्ञानं न तच्छिल्पं न सा विद्या न सा कला ।
नासौ योगो न तत्कर्मंनाट्येऽस्मिन् यन्न दृश्यते ।।
कोई ज्ञान, कोई शिल्प, कोई विद्या, कोई कला, कोई योग, कोई कर्म ऐसा नहीं है, जो नाट्य में दिखाई न देता हो।
No Wisdom, No Craftsmanship, No Knowledge of Subject, No Arts, No Yoga, No Work which is not seen in Dance(Natya). – Natya Shastra, 1-116

Our folklores, poems and stories were never written for the sake of providing entertainment. Take any scholastic work beyond Ramayana and Mahabharata, you will find reference to niti shashtra, Ayurved and other terrains of life.

Totally opposite to this purpose, current form of Bollywood is so destructive in nature that it consumes all senses at full throttle and yet there is no benefit produced. Time wasting and life destructive activity. This is the fundamental reason why external sensuality focused Bollywood is useless to society and I will keep opposing it.

#BoycottPk and all filthy versions of Bollywood. Save your and your next generations minds from soft perversion. Don’t be soft target of evil design.

Mind you, the eternal symbols prevails despite mockery. It is you and your society who will be kept away from benefits. So boycott of a movie or bollywood is won’t save culture but it will save your soul for sure.

I am not in favor of ban. Ban shows your insecurity. You don’t need to be insecure. Participate. Boycott.

Pervert Bollywood Spreads Mind Viruses



In one recent movie (I think Dabaang as per my young friends who watched it and gave me feedback), there is a scene where filthy Salman Khan goes to see a doctor with pregnant wife Sonakshi. And in indirect speech, he asks doctor whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy or not. Doctor replies ” Karo karo…up to 6 months…enjoy!”

Now this is subtle virus injected in mass psyche. Though the scene is of mere 20 seconds, it leaves powerful impact on subconscious minds of young generation. Turning them into sex animals. Even at the critical stage of life i.e. pregnancy.

Pregnancy demand strict celibacy for both would-be parents until at least child is breastfed. This is to avoid any sort of hormonal impact at physical level and mental impact at mind level. Sex is very energy consuming act at all layers of body. Imagine the impact on child.

But now since pervert Bollywood has injected it as mind virus, you will see more and more feeble generations in future due to sex starved parents.

This is subtle but extreme example. Lot many casual things are polluting us via popular mediums in the absence of moral teaching at school level. Take care.

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