Guduchi Benefits, Idea of Green Tourism


Disconnect with essentials (food,water, herbs) is painful for क्षेत्र (body). Present FMCG sector is faulty economy because it widens this disconnect and hence less healthy society. Even if you purchase something (other than life essential items which are not grown locally) from local vendor, it is good habit (on both seller and buyer part) to inquire and keep source in mind (and keep check on it. Be connected with source.). It has its own psychological benefit. Think about it. Will discuss sometime in future when idea is ripe again.

Tinospora spreads new wings in monsoon. This (post monsoon, post sharad) is good season to revere and seek help of this divine herb.


“Columbin, tinosporaside, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzyl, tetrahydrofuran, jatrorhizine, palmatine, berberine, tembeterine, tinocordifolioside, phenylpropene disaccharides, choline, tinosporic acid, tinosporal and tinosporon”

When these chemicals are bundled together, they have miracle effects on your क्षेत्र (Body). like a good and sensible farmer constantly think and act for replenishing क्षेत्र with nutrients, we should also take care of क्षेत्र in our possession i.e. our पञ्चकोषिय शरीर.

When this bundle of chemicals is packed by nature, it is different in constitution at different place. We identify is as Amrta in Sanskrit. Tinospora (English), Giloy (Hindi), Amruthaballi (Kannada), Cittamrtu (Malayalam), Amrutha valli, Seendhil kodi (Tamil), Thippatiga (Telugu), galo (Gujarati).

Tinospora is divine herb. Mixer of Pungent (Katu), bitter (Tikta) and astringent (Kashaya) tastes. Post-digestion, it gives Sweet (Madhura) taste. It alleviates three Doshas (Tridoshahara), mainly relieves Pitta. Promotes strength (Balya), appetizer (Agni dipani). It cures fever (Jvara), eliminates metabolic wastes & toxins (Ama), morbid thirst (Trt), burning sensation (Daha), diabetes (Meha), anaemia (Pandu), jaundice (Kamala), skin disorders (Kustha), gout (Vata asra).[1][2][3][4]

Some modern researches extend its boon-periphery to benefits like Radioprotective and anti-oxidant. [5][6][7][8]

So? Find our sources, find our Authentic Ayurvedic doctor and prepare medicine for entire family.

Here is an idea: Why can’t we develop real form of green-tourism? Design a treasure-hunt trips in vacations. Family trips. (Best if possible on cycle or foot) One at the end of each season. Explore areas where this medicine (and many such herbs) grow in abundance. Connect with the source as a selfless friend. And remain healthy!

Mind you, if modern pharma companies try to invade idea and sell you Amrta in packed bottle, it carried no value! Essential part is missing! Real essense is in urge to heal self (Read here : https://www.facebook.com/marut.mitra.5/posts/278289388962643 ) and that cannot be develop by purchasing medicines from mall or medical shops.

[1] Tinospora cordifolia is proved to be Immunostimulant in HIV patients (Kallikar et al., Indian J Pharmacol. 2008)
[2] Caraka Samhitha, Chikitsa Sthana, 3/299
[3] Ethanolic extract of stem and leaves of Tinospora exhibited significant antipyretic activity in experimental rats (Vedavathy and Rao, 1991)
[4] Aqueous and alcoholic extract of Tinospora showed that it is good anti- hyperglycemic agent in experimental animals with induced diabetes by different diabetogenic agents (Puranik K N et al., Biomedical Research 2008)
[5] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=20932729
[6] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=21350610
[7] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=21042467
[8] http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=12587720

Xenobiotic Toxins, Ginger and Virechana



A xenobiotic is a foreign chemical substance found within an organism that is not normally naturally produced by or expected to be present within that organism. It can also cover substances which are present in much higher concentrations than are usual.

In Ayurveda, we have concept of आम/Ama. It is manifested due to several reasons (Read this note for detail: https://www.facebook.com/marut.mitra.5/posts/452328781558702)

Now, on top of Ama generated due to operational inefficiency of body or environment, we imbibe tons of toxins in form of modern drugs, pesticides and chemicals in air and water. All Xenobitocs.

Ama or Xenobitocs are toxin of both endogenous and exogenous origin. In this way Ama and Xenobiotics share similar qualities. Both Ama and Xenobiotics are tough for spontaneous elimination. They need a special pathway and intervention that facilitates the elimination.

If they are not eliminated timely, they obstruct Prana flow and hence bodily intelligence. Results in sickness of greatest intensity of pain i.e. Cancer.

The method of elimination of ama and Xenoblotlcs can be assessed only with the aid of Ayurveda concepts. Modern biochemistry explains the elimination of polar Xenobiotics (water soluble) through urine. But the method of elimination of nonpolar or lipophilic Xenobiotics can be possible only by Ayurveda. That IS as fat cannot be eliminated from urine, but can be brought to intestine and then eliminate by virechana and so on.

Two wonder boons of mother nature helps best here: Ginger and Garlic.

Many communities ( Jains, Swaminarayana for example) in Bharat traditionally don’t eat garlic and ginger as they think that they are of Tamasik nature. If you want to do survey, do it. They suffer from cancer, joint pain most. Amount of Ama and Xenobiotics have increased manifold but there is absolute absence of GArlic and Ginger in their. This results in cancer, arthritis and many Vata disorders.

Take care. Eat Ginger and Garlic moderately as per your Prakriti, age and season. Ask your grandmother, she will have all ideas about ginger and garlic usage.

In Praise of Herbs


Challenge to all half baked scientists to design herb in lab. Accept the challenge, to fail.

“When I look at the poor little herbs that arise out of the earth, the lowest of vegetables, and consider the secret spark of life that is in them, that attracts, increases, grows, and geminates itself and its kinds, the various virtues that are in them for the food, medicine, and delight of more perfect creatures, my mind is carried up to the admiration and adoration and praise of that God whose wisdom and power and influence and government is seen in these small footsteps of his goodness : so that, take all the wisest, ablest, and most powerful and knowing men under heaven, they cannot equal that power and wisdom of his that is seen in a blade of grass. “


Medical Science: Reductionism vs System


Our current popular science is based on reductionism governed by meritocracy proven by limited lab trials. And so the term ‘Nutrient’ and ‘Nutrition’ rules the global mindset.

Vitamin C helps so consume it! Vitamin A helps so consume it! B12 is essential to get it injected!

But now, we are seeing early phase of paradigm shift. As we analyze more about our food, we find that medicinal value of food is not limited to popular nutrients but also due to phytochemicals (A chemical substance obtained from plants that is biologically active but not nutritive).

System vs Reductionist
System vs Reductionist

So not biologically active but not nutritive part of food is getting attention! 😀 Some of them are very crucial in avoiding Cancer. For example – haldi has curcumin and red chilli peper has capsaicin – both are phytochemicals but plays critical role in cancer prevention.

My point here is: Do not rely on reductionism of popular science as far as food selection matters. From proven chemicals of plants to phytochemicals , they will dissect and find new things from inner Universe of plant and animal world. To me, this is futile exercise to reduce organisms into parts. Isolated curcumin cannot work as good as wholesome haldi. Extract of caffeic acid from Honey is dumb and ineffective because it is not part of wholesome honey.

Idea of Ayurveda is being wholesome, being compatible for specific digestive nature. What is good for me as medicine/food, may not work with you. We should not generalize food and medicines. Instead, it should be personalized.

Maa Ganga – Eternal Catalyst That Can Balance The Tridosha

समृद्धं सौभाग्यं सकलवसुधायाः किमपि तत्-
महैश्वर्यं लीलाजनितजगतः खण्डपरशोः ।
श्रुतीनां सर्वस्वं सुकृतमथ मूर्तं सुमनसां
सुधासौन्दर्यं ते सलिलमशिवं नः शमयतु ॥ १ ॥
You are the complete fortune of the whole world. You are that un-describable wealth of Siva who playfully created the world. You are the sum and substance of the Vedas. You are the good fortune and personified beauty of ambrosia for the divine beings. May your waters destroy our sins.

Maa Ganga
Maa Ganga

Kunds or water bodies in Braj, near Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, are believed to be divine. Folklore says that these kunds have water from every pilgrimage place in the world.

We often hear tales about sacred water sources at Tirtha Sthan(s) and possible appearance of Maa Ganga or Maa Narmada on so and so day in that water body.

Literal minds trained in reductionist science will discard this claim as superstition. That is not end of story.

But for those believe in true science and accept that water changes its properties based on place, person/object in contact with and environment, will not discard folklore as superstition. As discussed in separate post, water carries swabhava of the soil i.e. Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Since it is live entity, its prakruti changes, whether it is flowing water or Kund water.
No wonder if water of XYZ kund has water of Maa Ganga on Ganga Saptami (Vaishakh month). It is potent hint that, in this season, water of Kund has exactly same property as Maa Ganga’s pradhan prakriti.

Any name given to place or person represent their Prakriti. It is our limited understanding that we limit word ‘Ganga’ with physical flow of water from Gangotri to Bay of Bengal. Ganga denotes specific prakriti of the water. It flows in our body too, from head to heart (I gave you hint. Go research on it).

Water of maa ganga is self-healing. Healing is possible when Vayu, pitta and Kapha are in balance. That means water that can re-establish balance of Vayu, pitta, Kapha in sharir, is Maa Ganga. No wonder why Gau mutra is popular as Ganga and in absence of Ganga water, Gau mutra is used in all rituals for purification. Gau mutra is very well known for balancing dosha(s) in body. And imagine farming without Gau mutra? Farming without Ganga jal? Result is: Whatever we eat is doshic because Ganga jal is not used! And so IT IS CRITICAL TO SAVE GAU VAMSH if we want to eat healthy food. FARMING WITHOUT GAU IN BHARAT IS UTTERLY MORONIC METHOD.

What is the test to validate Ganga water? (The verse mentioned in picture)

“If boiled rice kept soaked in water in golden, silver or earthen pot does not deteriorate and retains natural color, it is Ganga water!”

As per Charak Maharaj, गंगामाश्वयुजे मासि यत्प्रवर्षति तोयदः सर्वदा तज्जलं पेयं तथा च चरके वचः

Which means, Rain water in Sep-Oct months (आश्विन) is having Ganga property i.e. it can balance all the dosha in body. It is best drinking water.

Now let us come to Kund water. If Vrindavan Kund(s) have water from all pilgrimage sites, it means, it is Ganga water. Can cure anything.

Unfortunately, we have not preserved these Kunds and divinity of water.

There is mere physical aspect of Maa Ganga. More research is needed on it to unveil spiritual aspects.

PS: I dedicate this post to Jagannatha Pandita as his Ganga Lahari is my inspiration for continuous research on Maa Ganga

Cinnamon : Golden herb : Potent cure for learning disability

cinnamon http://ayurvedasrilanka.net/en/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/cinnamon-e1421924494651.jpg

In ancient days, cinnamon more valuable than gold. Gold was in abundant supply, while cinnamon was not widely available.

In Ayurvedic terms, cinnamon pacifies Vata and Kapha doshas, but it may aggravate Pitta dosha if taken in excess. It has a sweet, pungent, and bitter rasa or initial taste, it is heating, and has a pungent vipak or aftertaste.

Cinnamon improves digestion and absorption, and promotes elimination. It removes toxins from the body, and improves circulation by strengthening the heart and warming the kidneys. As a blood thinner, cinnamon prevents heart attacks. Additionally, cinnamon may be used in the treatment of respiratory and sinus congestion, bronchitis, colds, and the flu. It is both an expectorant and a decongestant.

Read more here: http://vedichealing.com/cinnamon-the-ancient-healing-spice/

here is the new aspect of it:


Cinnamon May Aid Learning Ability

Study finds spice consumption made mice better learners


Cinnamon is a delicious addition to toast, coffee and breakfast rolls. Eating the tasty household spice also might improve learning ability, according to new study results published online in the July issue of the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.

The study by neurological scientists at Rush University Medical Center found that feeding cinnamon to laboratory mice determined to have poor learning ability made the mice better learners.

“This would be one of the safest and the easiest approaches to convert poor learners to good learners,” said Kalipada Pahan, PhD, the lead researcher of the study and the Floyd A. Davis Professor of Neurology at Rush.

Some people are born naturally good learners, some become good learners by effort, and some find it hard to learn new tasks even with effort. Little is known about the neurological processes that cause someone to be a poor learner and how to improve performance in poor learners. 

“Understanding brain mechanisms that lead to poor learning is important to developing effective strategies to improve memory and learning ability,” Pahan said.


Mass Sickness : Gossip and Vata Prakop

Vata Prakop and useless talks
Vata Prakop and useless talks

You see them all around. Eternal blabbering and complaining. Purposeless talks. Even worthless debates on social media!

Root cause as well as root outcome : Vata Prakop

Introspect. Your mental habits are causing havoc for body.

If you are under Vata Prakop, you will be engaged in worthless mental communication. On the other hand, if you keep your mind engaged in purposeless mental activities, it creates Vata havoc for body.

Once under Vata Prakop, you are prone to all deadly Vata diseases. So don’t complain or play innocent when you are suddenly afflicted by ALS, Cancer, Heart arrest or alike situation.

One reason why I avoid कुतर्क based online debates. 🙂


Ayurveda and Exercise : Part 1 : Basics



In this series, we will try to understand importance of exercise as per Ayurveda texts.

Exercise importance Ashtang Hridayam - sutra sthan
Exercise importance

Ashtang Hridayam – sutra sthan

Why exercise?

  • Lightness of the body
  • कर्मसामर्थ्यं – perfection in daily chores and duties
  • दिप्थोग्नि – Digestive fire is improved
  • Imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is reduced
  • Firmness of mind and sturdiness of body

Who should not do exercise?

वातपित्तामयी बालो वृद्धो अजीर्णे च तं त्यजेत् ॥

Those who have Vata and Pitta predominant body constitution, who are too young or too old, and those suffering from indigestion  – they better avoid or do less of exercises.

Unfortunately, we are never taught to identify self prakriti. Nor we have expert Ayurvedacharya accessible to help. So mindless exercise goes on for petty benefits i.e. muscles and show-off.

This is also the reason why so many professional players retire too early. Too much exercise and too early to start in age.

Up to age 12, I would not force any child to get engaged in rigorous exercise. Yes, initiation and introduction is fine but not any force!

अर्धशक्त्या निषेव्यस्तु बलिभिः स्निग्धभोजिभिः ।

शीतकाले वसन्ते च मन्दमेव ततो अन्यथा । 

Who can do exercise?

  • Those who have desi cow ghee/coldpressed oil is accessible

Modern Gym goers instead focus on protein powder. Utterly nonsensical as long as purpose of exercise is concerned.

Ideal season for rigorous exercise?

  • Winter and Spring
  • In rest of the season, do limited exercise. Preferably stretching only.

How long one should exercise?

Every one has different capacity. Identify your half-capacity. For how long you can sustain without difficulty in breathing. Find out and set the duration. Consider season while fixing duration for exercise.Till one is having heavy breathing with sweating from forehead, arms and thighs. till that time, it is advised to do exercise.

More on it in next part.

Akhada  http://www.pahelwani.com/communities/8/004/008/170/048/images/4538121147.jpg

Three : Triguna, Tridosha and Three types of microbes


3 is everywhere in Sanatana Dharma. त्रिदेव, त्रिशूल, त्रिलोक, त्रिगुण, त्रिदोष and so on.

Vata-Pitta-Kapha http://www.ayurveda-agn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Vata-Pitta-Kapha-Symbolen-tekst-01-1000x707.png


Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups, Scientists Say

Bacterial Ecosystems in Guts => your ability to digest food nutrients => Your nature or Prakruti

So, basically world of science is moving towards already known facts in Indian culture i.e. त्रिगुण (Satva,Rajas,Tamas), त्रिदोष (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

The data, on the bacteriomes of Europeans, Japanese and Americans indicates that human bacteriomes fall into 3 ‘robust clusters’, independent of ethnicity, nation or continent. The paper suggests that enterotypes originate in preferred colonization of the gut of newly born infants.

And hoes does newborn’s sterile gut is colonized?

Mother’s milk i.e mother’s prakriti, Father’s prakruti, grand-parents prakriti and place where newborn is raised.


Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups, Scientists Say

Three types of microbes
Three types of microbes


In the early 1900s, scientists discovered that each person belonged to one of four blood types. Now they have discovered a new way to classify humanity: by bacteria. Each human being is host to thousands of different species of microbes. Yet a group of scientists now report just three distinct ecosystems in the guts of people they have studied.

Nor could they find a connection to sex, weight, health or age. They are now exploring other explanations. One possibility is that the guts, or intestines, of infants are randomly colonized by different pioneering species of microbes.

The microbes alter the gut so that only certain species can follow them.

Whatever the cause of the different enterotypes, they may end up having discrete effects on people’s health. Gut microbes aid in food digestion and synthesize vitamins, using enzymes our own cells cannot make.

Dr. Bork and his colleagues have found that each of the types makes a unique balance of these enzymes. Enterotype 1 produces more enzymes for making vitamin B7 (also known as biotin), for example, and Enterotype 2 more enzymes for vitamin B1 (thiamine).

Please Note:

  • त्रिगुण (Satva,Rajas,Tamas), त्रिदोष (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) – they are also not having dependency on sex, weight, health and age but in reality controls all aspects of life! And this part of truth is not yet realized by modern science.



Agni in Ayurveda : Part 2 : Panchmahabhuta

Panchabhutas http://sreechithraayurhome.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Panchabhutas.jpg


In last part, we tried to understand word Pitta’s meanings and relation with Agni. In this, we will begin by understanding Agni in terms of Panchamahabhuta.

The world is formed by five basic elemental states called पञ्चमहाभूत. They are Prithvi, Apa, Teja, Vayu and Akash.

What is Panchamahabhuta? (पञ्चमहाभूत)

***पञ्चमहाभूत क्या होते हैं ?
जिनसे समग्र भौतिक पदार्थों का निर्माण हुआ है, उनको पञ्चमहाभूत कहा जाता है ।

पञ्चमहाभूत कौन कौन से हैं ?

(१) पृथिवी
(२) अग्नि
(३) जल
(४) वायु
(५) आकाश

सर्वं द्रव्यं पाञ्चभौतिकम् | Every substance contains all five states. Mark the difference here. Unlike modern science, we are not yet identifying elements as in chemistry. These are 5 different states. All substances gets its properties, characteristics or design from the permutations and combinations of these five basic states and their contribution in present state of the substance.

Material world as we see, and are being part of it, is evolved out of the mula Prakriti. All matter of the world have three basic properties i.e. Sattva, rajas, tamas. Transformation of the universe is not possible without these three properties. These properties are confined in mula prakriti in the state of balance in an unmanifest form. The शून्य स्थिति. When the equilibrium is lost, manifested world emerges.

In this process of becoming manifest, mula prakriti creates Mahat or Buddhi. Then emerges Ego. This is followed by creation of Manas and set of Indriya (mind and senses).

As per Sankhya philosophy, senses are formed from the Sattva part of ego, with the help of Rajas. The तन्मात्रा(s) are formed from Tamas, with the help of rajas.

And from these तन्मात्रा(s), panch-mahabhuta(s) emerges.

Before we understand Panch-mahabhita, it is good to understand our core nature, मूल प्रकृति or our base class.

Here is the first part of N-part series.

शरीर, as per Sanskrit roots, is that which continuously undergoes destruction, catabolic nature. Degeneration, decay, to be rendered to pieces are natural phenomenon for शरीर.

देह , as per Sanskrit roots, that which continuously grow, anabolic nature. To develop and grow into larger identity is natural phenomenon for देह.

काया = शरीर + देह = Anabolic + Catabolic = Construction + Destruction

Ayurveda works on three level of Sharir

1) स्थूल (Gross Body) २) शुक्ष्म (Subtle body) ३) कारण (Casual body)

Gross body is made up of 5 basic elements i.e. पंचमहाभूत
Subtle body is made up of 5 तन्मात्रा (English translation – Sorry I don’t have)
Casual body signifies त्रिगुण (sattva, rajas, tamas) impressions.

5 basic elements are

आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, जल, पृथ्वी

Their essence is called तन्मात्रा

तन्मात्रा(s) are subtle and beyond our perceptions. They are unmixed with other kind of material, property or energy.

5 Tanmatras are : Sound, Touch, Form, Taste and smell.


Tanmatra and Elemental states http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UZi9lsKVEpA/USNcaqm7sMI/AAAAAAAAGEE/oaVauwFY2_w/s1600/Picture+50.png
Tanmatra and Elemental states


As long as Agni is concerned, it is Rupa or Form that predominates. And so Agni state represents body complexion, sharpness, digestion and penetration. It is responsible for Vision (not just physical vision but all sorts of visions). Special attributes are Temperature and Conversion.

As per Charak, Shushrut and Vagbhatta, Agni elemental state dominates Pitta.

In terms of Dosha, fire represents Pitta, with the help of Apa(water).

In terms of Guna, fire represents Rajas, with the help of Vayu.

What are the characteristics?

रूक्ष-तीक्ष्ण-उष्ण-विशद-सूक्ष्म-रूप-गुण-उल्बणम् | आग्नेयं दाह-भा-वर्ण-प्रकाश-पचनात्मकम्||

अल्प स्निग्ध, तीक्ष्ण, उष्ण, लघु, सूक्ष्म

विशुद्ध पित्त कड़वा व पीले वर्ण का होता है।

विकृत पित्त खट्टा व नीले वर्ण का होता है।

Since Pitta has Agni predominated but also contains Apa, it is in liquid state.

So it is important for Pitta dravya to represent Fire element. Whenever fire element is reduced in dravya, it is mere Apa or water. And when it is water, it won’t work as expected.

Sense to the level of Tanmatra when you try to realize pitta in your body.



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