I wrote this post when Bollywood’s brainwashing machine aka Amir Khan ran a show called Satymev Jayate, to spread lies in the society and intensify already prevailing myths.

In one of the episodes, he talked about oppression of shudra and dalit by Brahmins.

First of all : In present times, under govt of India’s biased secular constitution, majority Brahmins are living worse life that we can’t even imagine about their state in past 1000 years.

Let us talk about facts now.

British observations

Alfred Lyall was a British civil servant, literary historian and poet. He joined the Indian Civil Service in 1856.He was there when the Indian Rebellion of 1857 occurred. This was the time when Britishers started intensifying divide and rule strategy.

During his tenure, he observed following:

“…more persons in India become every year Brahmanists than all the converts to all the other religions in India put together… these teachers address themselves to every one without distinction of caste or of creed; they preach to low-caste men and to the aboriginal tribes… in fact, they succeed largely in those ranks of the population which would lean towards Christianity and Mohammedanism if they were not drawn into Brahmanism…” [1]

John Campbell, officer during 1871-72, was also afraid of Brahmins.[2] He objected to Brahmins facilitating upward mobility: “…the Brahmans are always ready to receive all who will submit to them… The process of manufacturing Rajputs from ambitious aborigines (tribals) goes on before our eyes.”

Here is the another proof by numbers which shows that maximum students in Gurukul(s) run by Brahmin(s) were Shudra(s)! [3]


This is proof that Brahmins did not believe in caste discrimination. Instead, they wanted everyone, irrespective of birth caste, to get educated. This was major imperative for British efforts in India. “To empower the unfit and make him/her fit to lead the life” is a vedic principle and Brahmins, being their Varna duty, were following it faithfully.

What about छुत-अछूत rules?

Ok, fine. Then what is it all about छुत-अछूत?

My hypothesis is that, whatever you see about छुत-अछूत is nothing related to bias for a community but to protect each other from incompatible Prana. Do not forget, सनातन धर्म is for मानव कल्याण. Keep aside all your rational doubts and act. These rules were never designed to discriminate but to support healthy life. All rituals were designed for मानव कल्याण. शुचि or cleanliness play great role in maintaining our immunity. Each Varna and Jati works in different profession and field. They carry different pranic footprint, including viruses and bacteria. At community level, living together helps them. Certain interactions like having meal, water, bathing etc are highly prone for high Prana exchange with environment and fellow humans/organisms. Incompatible prana may trigger epidemic. To me, any distance kept between jati and community was for a purpose of greater health and strength for all! There is nothing to do with bias! It was hoax invented by British to rule the largest dharmic society![4]

Will you call University of California, Los Angeles racial and castiest, as they went against the cultural norms and decided to avoid handshake in hospital premises? ( Read more here: Science of Hindu(Sanatana) Social/Community Meal rules  )

Similarly, certain rules were formed for mutual benefits of keeping society healthy. Had it been really a grudge, British accounts wouldn’t fear the varna system as I shared in part 1.

I repeat : सनातन धर्म is for मानव कल्याण. Keep aside all your rational doubts and act. Trust Shastra. Solve doubts by Swadhyay and Satsanga.





[4] Don’t miss to read 100 years of a hoax


  1. Ya …..have you seen with own eyes the discrimination?? Was puting off sandels to bow a brahmin ,for cleanliness ??
    No ,it was show of powers and authority and holdings of status.