Bowing : Meditation Essential


To achieve control of the mind, it is important to keep check on attitude we adopt towards life. Meditation is not a question of half an hour or one hour time spent in seclusion. It has to become way of our life i.e. to remain awake, mindful in all our actions. We cannot separate meditation from life.

Bowing and praying are essential features of meditation. Bowing means giving up or surrendering oneself. To give up oneself means to abandon egocentric and dualistic ideas. A part of mind, bowing to whole of mind. When one is just oneself one bows in the true sense and is in harmony with everything. Sometimes you bow to your students, your family members, sometimes they bow to you. Guru Gobindsingh bowed to his first five students; shows value of bowing. When you bow, you don’t bow to mortal in front of you but to the indwelling God within him/her. It helps you eliminate self-centered ideas. You start respecting each other. You respect God within. This is essential preparation for healthy and hypocrisy-free meditation.

Simple practice but effective Ego-killer.