This is how it works in Bollywood. Even the most inspiring motivational flicks have love-angle. A hero warrior or sports person, chasing dream to prove himself in front of girl’s family or girl herself.

Why can’t we showcase something sublime in Hero’s life. Especially when it is about real life hero?

Take for example: Famous movie Bahubali or latest movie on the life hockey player (where at least, it is shown that the player was disillusioned later and played for the sake of nation). It all started by attraction game.

I would climb the rock for sublime goals and not for inquisitiveness for some selfish biological urge. No matter how innocent yet powerful I am. Yes, the chase may display highest state of valor and fearlessness but still something is lacking. (Excuse my perfection-urge).

Chasing sea for selfless cause to save motherly figure is sublime goal.
Flying to find herb to save fatherly figure is a sublime cause.
Fighting for dharma is a sublime cause.
Raising child for the cause of dharma is a sublime cause.

Sublime chase is difficult to pen down by humans. So the love chase. You need Daivik blessings. And you also need to think about box office collection 😉 . You get no buyers of sublime cause nowadays. 🙂

PS: do not take this as a criticism of movie. I just wanted to remind how sublime goals can instill real valor and fearlessness. We have ample examples. From Hanuman to Shivaji. So while you enjoy the filmi valor, do not limit your imagination, try to live for sublime goal and see the magic. Same filmi valor and effortless fearlessness will become real. You will live fearless life. Think about it.