Reductionist science see human body in compartments. Each organ separately. Vital parameters by lab tests decide further course of actions for patient. Day by day, types of testing is increasing and it is kind of becoming new stream of technology where doctor is not needed at all. Submit yourself to machine, get some parameters and let the algorithm decide medicine fro you! 🙂 😀

Blood pressure one such conundrum. As per Mini Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, hypertension cannot be defined. If something cannot be defined, how can we correct it? 😀

Blood pressure must be observed by clinical symptoms which most modern doctors are not trained to observe closely. They order lab tests, feed the results in computer and let the machine decide the next action.This is not healthcare.

My point is: Do not indulge in fear mongering. Do not rush to take blood pressure control medicines. Blood flow changes with age. Pressure increases with age. If there are not supporting clinical symptoms, it is just fine to have little higher numbers. both upper and lower readings differ in different persons, and in different ages, also in the two sexes!

You must realize that the drugs manufacturers, world over, have a vested interest in making you take drugs for a life time. Drugs that majority takes daily => Regular profit. High BP drugs, vitamin supplements,vaccines etc. Regular consumption is the goal. They have succeeded in convincing the doctors. And doctors love regular patients

If you maintain your posture properly, if you reduce salt consumption time to time, if you relax daily, blood flow will get adjusted for sure. May natural ways are there in public domain. Try them before you succumb to chemicals. Chemicals will work on suppressing the real issues and gives false feeling of ‘Everything is Ok’.

Think about it!