None. Read –> ‘None’. None of modern homes are suitable for child development.
Parents are always in argument mode. There is always some background noise of TV/Radio/Mobile.
Silence is rare event in modern urban homes.
Ignorant parents think that children are sleeping. So they go on fighting with each other and other family members/neighbours. Reckless parenting!!
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Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

“Modern homes are filled with noisy distractions such as TV, radio, and people talking that could affect how children learn words at early ages. Our study suggests that adults should be aware of the amount of background speech in the environment when they’re interacting with young children.”

Children will rarely be in a completely quiet environment when learning. Parents and teachers may find that reducing background noise or highlighting important information can help children learn even when there is background noise. These suggestions may be especially important for low-income households because research shows that such homes on average have higher noise levels due to urban settings and crowding.