Art of taking care of self. Why?
Art : Duty or Selfish motive?


Why do we cure our sickness?
To avoid death? To regain healthy state so that we can again indulge in extreme sensual pleasures (eating, drinking and all sort of blind indulgences)

That is so selfish motive. Narrow minded motive.

We cure our body and mind because we have duties towards family, society, nation, mother Earth and the universe. It is fundamental principle of Sanatana dharma that we take birth to participate in universal Yagna (sacrifice). Life goes on because of our actions. But since we live for self, we forget our duties and indulge in pleasures all the time. (Mind you- I don’t advocate negation of pleasures in life. They too are needed but in moderation.) Selfish actions invite sickness. You are sick so your environment will also become sick. And vicious circle goes on.
If you live duty bound life, you hardly fall sick. No poison or food can make you sick. But as soon as you eat for pleasure and forget your limits, sickness arrives. Sometimes silently from backdoor.

Think about it. Pleasures is not the only goal of life. That is so like animal. Humans with naturally gifted intellect and will power has more duties to follow. Think about it. Be wise while taking any action. Try to live selfless life. Live for others and others will live for you and your body. Experiment if you do not trust my words