The first recognized problem from the overuse of antibiotics was resistance. Very simply, the more often we put antibiotics into our bodies and our children’s bodies, the more likely we select for bacteria that are resistant to their action. Many people don’t quite understand resistance. They think that “they have become resistant to antibiotics,” when in fact it is the bacteria they encounter or they carry that have become resistant.


Antibiotics are like carpet bombing (=An extensive and systematic bombing intended to devastate a large target). It will kill not only the pathogens but all bacteria! All bacteria on your skin, gut, throat, lungs, ears – gone!

Now as I said earlier, mother nature does not like vaccum. So based on your local environment, new bacteria will rush to take a place of the vaccum created by carpet bombing of antibiotics. With fewer competitors around, resistant bacteria flourish. They’re the lucky ones that go on to have lots of baby bacteria. The resistant ones may be either the targeted pathogen or the many, many bystanders.

How to avoid this?

If at all antibiotics become unavoidable,

— Avoid hospitalization. Hospitals have more resistant bacteria due to nature and working of the place where continuous antibiotics are used. And so Bacteria evolve to resist the antibiotics.
— Do dhoop of Cow-dung cake and Cow-ghee (Pure desi Indian gau) or Ajwain and ghee. It will control the pathogens at home and help good bacteria to flourish so chances of your bodily vaccum getting colonized again by good bacteria increases. This will help upper respiratory organs and skin.
— To flourish GUT again with good bacteria, include pro-biotic food in diet. Like home made butter milk or yogurt (Again pure desi gau milk is preferable). Or desi jaggery.
— Spend time in nature during sunrise and sunset. After all, Sun is the source of Prana the vital force.