If you see so many obsessed and obese around you, one of many reasons is overuse of antibiotics.
Antibiotics ===> Killing of gut microbes
(Should we use word massacre? Yes, it is worst in facts)
====> Inability to digest essential proteins/vitamins ===> Abnormal Fat increase.

One friend said:
I don’t take antibiotics but still I am fat.
I asked him : “Do you drink dairy’s pasteurized milk?”
He replied: :”Yes”
“Well antibiotics are part of it. To increase milk production, they give antibiotics to animals. Buffalo and HF/Jersery cows give more milk but their immune system is very weak so to keep them healthy, antibiotics are given. So antibiotics are part of your milk.”
Not only milk, honey, butter milk, certain vegetables and fruits – all are treated by antibiotics. Even so called organic labelled food!

1) Support ethical Gau shala. Use milk as medicine (i.e. limited quantity) and not as a food.
2) Don’t crave for commercial honey and milk
3) Support ethical honey. Use it as medicine and not as a food.