अज = बकरी, goat?
अज = बकरी, goat?

अज = बकरी?

1) अज = Goat
2) अज = Ayurvedic Aushadhi

‘Aja’ or ‘अज’ also mean ‘moon’ or ‘Self’. And it also mean goat. 🙂 🙂
Eid al-Adha (Bakri Eid) means festival of sacrifice.
Sacrifice of self = Sacrifice of अज
बकरा नहीं आत्माका sacrifice tha…kya se kya ho gaya 😀

See…it is simple. Vedic Yagna ritual demands अज or goat! You guys are hypocrite! Your religious texts suggest sacrifice of goat and you keep crying about Muslim way of animal sacrifice! Fascists! Dhimmis! RSS agents!

😀. This is the result of half baked knowledge of the texts. This is the result of inability to contemplate on Sanskrit words and realize their right contextual meaning.

अज = अ + जन. अ means ‘No’ and ‘ज’ means ‘ability to sprout/ability to become alive again or make biological progress’.

अज – Inability to bring life back.

Rice seeds kept in sterile environment where sunlight can not reach, becomes अज after 7 years. For different seeds, this period varies.

Branches of tree fall when they become अज and for Yagna, only collected wood is prescribed in Satapath Brahman granth. Chopping tree for Yagna or Antim Sanskar is a crime against nature.

अज is full of Prana but devoid of ability to bring new life. By using अज in sacrifice, we do not kill the natural possibilities of new life.

On mental plane, in front of Agni Devta, let your mind तप्त to the level that no new Vikruti can sprout again. When mind becomes अज, sacrifice it to Agni Devta so that you transcend the limits of mind.

PS: Barring some highly specialized, target oriented, selfless, not so common rituals, we do have procedure of Bali. But that is not common practice!! And all can perform it! So don’t compare them with regular rituals Hindus perform!