“मनरे तुमि कृषिकाज जान ना, –
एमन मानव जमिन रइलो पतित,
आवाद करले फलत सोना,”

– भक्त रामप्रसाद

“अर्थात, रे मन! तू कृषि करना नहीं जानता! ऐसी मानवदेहरूपी जमीन वैरान पड़ी है | अगर तुमने इसे आबाद किये होते तो सोना पैदा करती!”

“O’ mind! Don’t you know farming? This body has become barren due to your inability. Had it been used, it would have produced Gold (Hirany – हिरण्य )!”

Essentially, farming is a basic instinct. We all should know. Our mind is farmer of our body. When we forget this, body suffers. All Karma suffers. And life’s complexity increases manifold. 🙂

Don’t sit like a confused farmer. Train your mind to be a कृषिकार and grow हिरण्य (ओजस) from body.

Reason why we must follow local rituals. Reason why कर्मकांड exists. Reason why daily routine discipline is must for Grihasth.

Random acts at farm cannot produce Gold. साधना (SAdhna) is needed.