As per Puranic statements, Motherhood is the essential trait of divinity. अदिति is the eternal archetype of motherhood. She is ideal mother. She is great mother of devout, mighty and powerful, unaging, spacious, protecting and cleverly guiding. In Vedas, wherever Aditi is mentioned, her function has been to tenderly look after the living beings. She is the mother that child look ups up for allaying its fear. She is the mother to whom Aryan takes refuge for protection. Her motherhood gives her a natural sway over her children. Rishis depicts Aditi to bestow on men and Deva(s) all the tender care and protection which they(Rishi(s)) themselves received from her. She is the one who release men from guilt of sin and this is very much her nature as her name suggests. अदिति – अ-दिति unbinding, freedom, boundlessness.

अदिति – ७ मरुत पुत्र. In her womb, there was Indra too. He divided 7 Maruts into 7 so they became 49. In them, the मरुत्प्राण, one who represents Water or Earth element is गणपति. The one that represents Vayu or Agni, is महावीर हनुमान. In this way, गणेश & हनुमान are “मरुतो रुद्र -पुत्रास:” i.e. Rudra’s son.

Aditi Putra Ganesh Hanuman
Aditi Putra Ganesh Hanuman

Worship of Rudra (Shiva) is incomplete without worshiping his sons Hanuman and Ganesh.