The Sanstana Dharma teaches thus: O’ man, know that your true Self is eternal and blissful, untarnished with pain. Regarding thus your true Self, and working up from this idea of your Self, try and rise to a conception of the Supreme Lord of the universe in whom the whole world including yourself has its being, who abides in your heart as well as in the heart of all beings, who works in and for the benefit of the whole universe as man works in tile body and with it for his personal benefit. With the firm belief in the teaching of the scripture that man is destined to rise one day to the level of his Divine source and transcend all limitations of the humanity, O’ man, work your way up gradually by widening your interests, by extending the sphere of your love in all directions till it embraces within it all mankind and the whole animal creation, till your art able to make your love coextensive with that of the Supreme Lord of the Universe. This upward progress is assured if you, 0’ man, instead of trusting to your own strength and resources, invoke the Supreme Lord to work in you and regard yourself a mere instrument in His hands, ever trying on your part to prove yourself a worthy instrument for Divine Service.

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