Imagine you have balloon full of deadly gas in one close room. When the balloon is burst, can you restrict gas so that it does not pervade in the room and contaminate this local ecosystem? And possibly not suffocate and kill the organisms inside room?

We cannot control. Can we? No. We cannot.

प्राणमय कोष is always explained by comparing it with physical form gases. But in reality, it is subtler than imagine. Life movement of Vayu, Prana cannot be controlled. Mind can control, the layer above i.e. मनोमय कोष. But we cannot control the non-self प्राण, प्राण of our environment until we become one with the universe by intense Sadhna. 🙂 .

Now following things will be easy to understand.

1) You must do your शरीर पूजा in the morning, during sunrise. प्राण that is available at this time, cannot be present during next 24 hrs.
2) Over-indulgence in Sex or multiple sex-partners means uncontrolled exchange of प्राण. Chaos, violence and unimagined results for each individual involved.
3) Architecture of House is important because once the walls and windows and doors are fixed, movement of Prana remains same forever. And its nurturing capacity.